Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 17, 2014

It has been awhile again since I have posted here at my blog. I spend a lot of my time making plastic canvas gifts and writing for my blog.

I now have 61 stories about Family History, and my crafts and reviews of movies and books as well as family recipes.

My crafts stories will have include a lot of FREE Plastic Canvas patterns. Links will be there for the patterns I made and other patterns at Pinterest.

Photos of some of the Halloween Plastic Canvas I made with the patterns at that link:
Halloween Coffin that holds candy and the Vampire

Halloween Kitty and his trick or treat bag 
The kitty sits inside of this bowl
Pumpkin Napkin holder 
Halloween Ghost

The Halloween link also includes the link to my previous Halloween craft story.   Many free patterns I can send to you via email. Leave a comment here and I will be glad to email you the pattern. 

My Cats

Benny will be 6 years old this month!  Batman and Robin turned 2 years old in May.

Photos of the cats

Left to right Benny, Robin and Batman 
Batman is in the center he is the lighter cat. The twins are hard to tell apart. 
Benny comes in and sits on me in my bed for attention and loves
Robin and his cone sleeping on my bed

Poor Robin, above with the cone, got ahold of a bathing suit top with string ties and chewed off a piece and swallowed it.  It got tangled up inside of him and he had to have an operation to remove it.  He was sick for a long time, but he is well now.  So we have to be careful what we leave out for him to get into. We found out he has a heart murmur. They did not detect this when he was fixed last year. 

Batman and Robin are indoor kitties so they get into mischief.  We have given them a plethora of toys and change them often. I think in time they will settle down.

Benny was having stress when we moved in December to our new apartment.  He licked off his fur again on his hid quarters like our last move 2 years ago.  It now has grown back in.  He used to be an outdoor kitty.  He cannot go out here as they do not allow it and we are on the third floor.

We plan on getting a single level house for rent and then he can be an indoor/outdoor kitty again.

My Mother 
 Mom had her 84th birthday in April!  She had been doing pretty good for 84 until she fell again July 2.
She has been in the hospital with a bone fracture in her spine and bowel infection. She is in a lot of pain.  We are not sure how long she will be in the Hospital and then to a rehabilitation facility after that to recover.  Here is a photo of Mom on her 84th Birthday this year.
Mom Virginia on her 84th Birthday with flowers

The Twins
My niece's twin girls turned three in June! They are just adorable as ever!
              Isabella and Olivia July 4, 2014

New Projects

Besides trying some new crochet projects for Christmas gifts this year, I am going back to some beading for bracelets and key chain holders.

I have ordered beads from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads and purchased some from WalMart. 

Photos in the next blog post.

Key chains so far with plastic canvas:
This was made on Plastic canvas size 10 which was too small for my needle and it was pretty hard to do. 

Some other Plastic Canvas I did this last four months
Fourth of July patriotic decorations
Minecraft Creeper Kleenex box cover

Minecraft Gold sword is more than two feet long

You can see more at my stories from the link above at Squidoo.

Have a great month!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

January 2014

It has been four months since I blogged!

The winter is tough on me as I seem to get every virus and cold and flu going around and then some!
However I was busy with my crafts!
I made 10  pages on my blog since December.  I
I also made a page "All about me." I will be adding those pages here soon.

I have new projects for this year.
1. I am getting back into crocheting! I made 2 scarves for Christmas gifts and one hat for a child.

2. I am going to do some sewing. My oldest daughter wants some cloth grocery bags. Her laundry room is downstairs in her apartment building. Her current bags are just the paper - cloth bags you get from the store.

3. I am pretty much out of large pieces of plastic canvas. So I will try to use up the smaller pieces and make some smaller items for Christmas and Birthday gifts.

4. I have been saving bottle caps, metal and plastic as well as corks. I have seen some really cute an simple items on Pinterest!  I LOVE PINTEREST!
Click here for my Pinterest account:
         My Pinterest account
Don't forget to come back here!

5.  Weaving, just simple cardboard and yarn weaving. I am making "Mug Rugs" or coasters!

Our New Apartment

We are doing great now for nearly 5 months at our new apartment. May 1 it will be 5 months.  We were 2 years in our last place.  It is so nice to have my own bedroom and bathroom. I have the master bedroom suite with it's own bathroom.  The third bedroom is office four me and my daughter to have our computers and storage.  We still have unpacking to do.
Last July I got 90% of what I left in Washington state when I moved down to California in 2011.  I still have some Christmas things at my friends.

Our new apartment complex has a pool! I cannot wait to swim this summer!


The cats are adjusting well to the new apartment. They love to look out the window. We are on the third floor.  I have to watch the amount of opening of my window because Batman likes to climb the screen and pushed it out twice!!! Yikes!

                    Brothers Batman and Robin playing.

   Our three cats looking out the window. I called their names to take the photo!
 I lightened this up so you could see the face of Sleeping Robin.

I have been busy writing stories for my Early American tab.  I have several pages on my ancestors with photos and detailed information about them.

My family story of the Francis line that became the Mifflin line is a great read. I have my Welsh ancestors also. 
My tree at has over 20,000 names now. I have been busy helping others that are very distant cousins as well as close family. 

Some photos from those blogs:

Celia Morgan Mifflin
   Above: Photo of Celia's 90th Birthday - My Mom is the baby in this family photo. 

                               above: Agnes Smart

                               above: Eleanor Corns

                        Above: Lucretia Williams Mifflin

                        Above Howell Hopkins Mifflin

                             Above Tench Francis

More Blog pages:

I wrote some reviews about movies and books that I love and are my favorites. I will be adding those here also. 
I made some more plastic canvas such as Easter Baskets, Valentines hearts and Clovers and other items.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Letter 2013

Merry Christmas from me to you!

                              Photo from
2013 was a busy year for me and my daughter Melissa.  We had rented a very little one bedroom house in Lake county, California in December of 2011. 
We have been looking to rent a larger place.  We put an application in on a 3 bedroom apartment and we finally were accepted.
We moved just 3 weeks ago. So me, Melissa, the cats and Melissa’s boyfriend Earl are here now.
It is great to have my own bedroom and bathroom again!

We had a great loss this year of two family members.  My two youngest children's Dad -  Larry - passed away in August 2013.  It was a great shock when we found out they said he would not live more than few weeks.  No one or the Dr’s knew he was so ill.
We knew that my second daughter's ex-husband Matt was ill with terminal cancer of the lungs.   It was just very difficult because he died 2 days of Larry’s death. 

We look forward to 2014 with new plans and ideas.

I have been busy making the gifts and taking photos of them and highlight the patterns and how to information for the blog pages.  I have also begun to review books and movies.  My third daughter has added two pages of book reviews for the blog.
She works at the three libraries here in the county.   Her boyfriend graduated with 3 AA degrees and is getting ready to start his Bachelor’s degree. He is in the process of applying to colleges in the bay area.

Our three cats are getting into everything and learning about their new home.  
 Photo of me and the Cypress tree from my best friend Linda!

Me and my third daughter and her boyfriend all wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
May the Lord bless you and your Families with Health ~Peace~ and Love

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cats, kitties, and more cats!

Big Changes:


 The reason I have not been blogging.  We had two family members pass away within two days.

The first was a shock as we did not know how sick my ex-husband was.  Here he is in this photo back in 1995 with the birth of our 2nd grand child.  Our son and daughter in the photo as well.

A week at the most before he passed away we found out that his illnesses over the last year turned out to be end stage liver disease.  He had a cough for months that he tried to get rid of with medication and Nebulizer machine to deliver the mist for asthma.  He was a long time sufferer of Diabetes.  He was in the hospital for a week then came home a day and then back to the hospital.  There was nothing to do for him except make him comfortable.  He passed away a month after his 68th Birthday on August 17, 2014. It has been very difficult for the kids and his 2nd wife.  
The other death happened two days later.  This one we expected. My daughter's ex husband had been diagnosed with lung cancer.  We knew that he did not have much time left.   It was very difficult for their two sons and his stepson as well as for my daughter.  
One thing she and I found out - even though they were our ex-husbands we felt very much as a lot of people feel when their spouse passes away.  



Back to crafting and other things!
So Cats, kitties and more cats!
I had mentioned before that I was going to start using Aida cloth that was size 7. That is pretty much the same grid size as regular plastic canvas or 7 holes per square inch.  Most Aida cloth patterns are for size 10 to 14.  I have done these in the past and here are my past Aida cloth projects:

The first cats are the ones I have made in the last 4 months.  The first of the Aida cloth in size 7 is this cat!  Specifically "Grumpy Cat!"  

This is the pattern. The print out is for size 14 Aida cloth! I knew it would work fine for size 7 Aida cloth.  There was no actual color code for this pattern. So I had to use what I had on hand and purchased.  I used all six strands of DMC floss.

                         Here is the outline and eyes done.
                          Finished with the word "Whatever."
                               Close up of "Grumpy Cat!"


Another Grumpy Cat

Almost done. The rest of the cat is white, so it is hard to see where I have left off, but the remainder is going to be white.  I am making several more for family and friends!  

More Kitties!

I found this pattern on Pinterest. It actually was in Russian!  Easy to see what was what on the pattern.  The tail in the original pattern was as large/wide as the legs. I wanted the tail to be thinner. So I enlarged the pattern by cutting out the original print and adding 1 inch to the outline.  I used felt for the eyes on this one as well as felt for the face and nose.  I embroidered the whiskers.

   After I finished it I realized I forgot to add the claws!
So I cut out more and also cut out the claws in white felt.  I did not like the face so I decided to just have the nose and eyes felt on the second and third ones.
I was not real happy with those either so the black and white ones and the pink ones just have puffy paint for the eyes nose and whiskers.


 So I added the eyes and nose.   I need to add the wiggly eyes and whiskers next.  Then they will be done.

My cats!

 So this is Batman and Robin now just over one years old! They always sleep like this on my bed. My Mom crocheted that Afghan back in the 1970's!
Robin now sports a Blue collar. He likes to get my attention by sitting on the keyboard of the computer!
Batman sports a silver collar now and he loves to look out the window. I love the way the sun shone on his whiskers!

That is the update for now. Next blog update will be about moving day!  I will also have a blog about my trip to Washington state for the reunion.  We got home from the reunion and that is when my ex husband passed away - so I did not make the blog about the reunion with my Grand kids and 2 daughters.   So I will work on that!

I will be glad to email any of the patterns from any of my projects shown on my Squidoo account. Just ask me for which one you want and your email address.    :D

And last but not least: Inspiration

An awesome Poet Artist from Canada has this awesome website. Go see it at        Above The Rayn

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I reached level 50 on my Squidoo blog!

Kittens and Benny 

The kittens are full size now as they turned one on May 19, 2013
Here is the latest photo of them.

You can see that the kittens look bigger than Benny

The kittens are indoor kitties as we want to keep it at way as we will be moving and more than likely will need to keep them from cars and such outside. They are as rambunctious ever!  It took a long time for Benny to tolerate the kittens.  Benny still tangles with Robin as Robin needs to get fixed. They are still adorable looking when they a sleeping!

Vacation to Washington State

My daughter and I are getting ready for vacation and Family reunion!   I cannot wait to see my other two daughters and my 6 grand kids! I will blog photos when I return!

Happy Summer!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Felt Flowers I made - free pattern templates - My new Squidoo pages - links here

                           May Flowers I made

Spring crafts:

I made about 30 flowers and the lady bugs, bees, and butterflies.

It was great to do and everyone liked them.  See the Sewing tab above for the how to and pattern.

We still have the same horsey lawnmower from next door. I do not know his name, but he sure loves to eat our lawn!  As soon as the next round or rain has come and gone and the ground is dry, the fence will be repaired and he will no longer be able to mow our lawn for us!

Other news:

We have made a decision on where we will be moving to next in September or October.


The kittens:
The kittens will be one years old soon!  Their birthday is May 19, 2013.
We take a lot of photos and I am writing a story all about them and our other cat Benny. See Stories tab for their story. They have gotten so big, they are the same size as Benny, just not as long legs as him. Here is a photo of all three cats a couple of months ago.


Other Crafts:

I am making more crafts with plastic canvas. See Plastic Canvas tab.


Our Family Reunion:

We will be meeting up again this summer. This year my oldest daughter and family are moving to back Washington state from Minnesota. So it will be easier for next years visit, they will already be there!  I look forward to having all four of my kids together this time. It has been almost 10 years since we were all together!  I am so happy about this years visit and my family reunion!

That ends this blog entry for now!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Horse Lawnmower

          SPRING IS HERE!

No lawnmower needed!
The horse from next door loves our lawn, He comes over for a few days each week now for a month.  So we do not have to mow the lawn at all!   Great, yes? Photo from Feb 15 2013.

I took this one today. Hard to see his face but at least he was closer today

New happenings!

I  made some cute things for Easter gifts. Here are some of the baskets I made for the family.

I cut out the basket and stitched it on using large satin string. Then I glued a second handle on the inside of the first handle I stitched on. Net time I will stitch both together and through the length also to strengthen it.
Go to the Sewing tab above to see the pattern and how to. 
My daughter made some yummy cookies and brownies for every one as well. Four hours down and four hours back to my brother's house. The weather was great, sunny and no rain. Five of us in the car was really rough on the one who sat in the middle in the back. Not a true bench seat but has 3 sets of seat belts. The bench has two indents to make it like bucket seats. Guess they think the person who sits in the middle may be in a booster seat or something for a child. Oh well, next time, next month, we bring a nice pillow for the middle!

Next project:
I will be making some more felt items, specifically some felt flowers. I am trying to finish some bunnies from felt for Sunday, I only need to make one for one person. The rest I will make after that. I have 80% done as they are all cut out. I just need to glue and or sew them. Each item takes 15 minutes to 1 hour.  See the Sewing tab at the top for the bunnies.  I have to space out what I do because of the following 2 reasons:

So you see these are the two reasons I have to find time when they are napping and I am not napping. It is sort of like when you have small kids. You either are awake when they are asleep or try to do things when they are preoccupied.

I have been writing pages about my dolls, my embroidery, my vision loss, my 2002 Olympic experience as a volunteer, and how I get around as a legally blind person.  So that is 5 pages so far. I will add those stories in the stories tab above.