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Ethel age 4
Grandma Ethel
I have written some special stories about my Grandmother. I admire my Grandmother Ethel as she was a very good cook, seamstress and mother. In a time in the world when you still needed to process your own foods, sew clothes for the family and make do or do without my Grandma Ethel excelled at this.  Her children were born between 1922 and 1938. Her husband was in the Navy part of the time and part of the time as a farmer and horse drawn postmaster and letter carrier. He also was trained as a machinist mate in engineering.
Here are some of the stories I have written so far about Grandma Ethel.

Grandma Ethel's sewing

Ethel designed potholders from quilted scraps of material from all the scraps of material from new clothing that she was sewing. She also used new materials for the theme or center design of the potholder.
Here are two matching potholders she designed for my oldest daughter.
Photos of me and my Grandma Ethel
I was 14 in this photo in 1964.

Tribute to my Grandmother

Ethel Mae Hopkins Kingwell Mifflin -1904 -1979

In this story I have photos of Ethel and her family. This a a short biography on Ethel and her family. I have some photos of a wedding dress she made as well as some other items she had sewn.  

Soon I will have another page on Grandma Ethel and some of her recipes from the book my Aunts have assembled. The book was for the family only and had recipes from all the sisters and their kids and grandkids. 

             Ethel and her brother George
 Grandpa Benjamin and Grandma Ethel in the early 1920's
                In 1930 with Grandpa Benjamin's Grandmother Celia Morgan Mifflin who was 90 in the photo with Ethel holding my Mother and four of the daughters.
 The two youngest daughters and Grandpa Benjamin and Grandma Ethel in about 1955
This is my two older daughters in 1977.