Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Felt Flowers I made - free pattern templates - links here

                           May Flowers I made

Spring crafts:

I made about 30 flowers and the lady bugs, bees, and butterflies.

It was great to do and everyone liked them.  See the Sewing tab above for the how to and pattern.

We still have the same horsey lawnmower from next door. I do not know his name, but he sure loves to eat our lawn!  As soon as the next round or rain has come and gone and the ground is dry, the fence will be repaired and he will no longer be able to mow our lawn for us!

Other news:

We have made a decision on where we will be moving to next in September or October.


The kittens:
The kittens will be one years old soon!  Their birthday is May 19, 2013.
We take a lot of photos and I am writing a story all about them and our other cat Benny. See Stories tab for their story. They have gotten so big, they are the same size as Benny, just not as long legs as him. Here is a photo of all three cats a couple of months ago.


Other Crafts:

I am making more crafts with plastic canvas. See Plastic Canvas tab.


Our Family Reunion:

We will be meeting up again this summer. This year my oldest daughter and family are moving to back Washington state from Minnesota. So it will be easier for next years visit, they will already be there!  I look forward to having all four of my kids together this time. It has been almost 10 years since we were all together!  I am so happy about this years visit and my family reunion!

That ends this blog entry for now!