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I have met quite a lot of poets online and I adore what they have been writing over the years that I have known them as well as their past works.                                                                    
I decided to feature these poets and have a short biography as well as some of their poems.  I will also have their links where you can read more of their poems and more about each person.

My first poet is one whom I read every day since I met her online in 2010.
Her name is Melvina Germain.  She has inspired me to write more and to be active in voicing my opinions. Melvina has shown me that my thoughts count and it is good to express how you feel in words and other manifestations such as arts, crafts and photography.

Words are very important to support us all, to validate our lives.

Each month I will add new poems from each of these authors!  The photos that accompany each poem are the owners of that photo.

Here is a list of the Poets listed so far:

  • Melvina Germain
  • David Harris
  • Cathy Hodgson
  • Olivia Kent
  • Marilyn I. Lott
  • Beck Fletcher
  • Vern Taylor


     Melvina Germain           

Melvina's Video:  Melvina Germain reads her poems video
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     SSOSB - .Standing in Support of our Sisters & Brothers. Created to show awareness and to help the victims of rape and subsequent violated violence.

If you did not reach your goals or see your dreams unfold, don't worry, with patience comes much and perhaps in 2015, you'll have that certain touch that will bring every dream to fruition and every goal you'll attain.

Melvina at Twitter:   @Antoleza

Melvina's Poems  

Missing Loved One's At Christmas
© Melvina Germain
Posted December 19, 2013 at 6:16am

Soon it will be Christmas
we’ll celebrate with cheer.
Spending much time,
thinking of those who are no longer here.
Don’t be sad, remember last year,
you felt a hand on your shoulder
yet no one was there.
Your loved ones spirit, will be visiting you,
smiling and happy with everything you do.
It’s Christmas on earth and in Heaven too.
All the spirits are preparing to come  visit  here.
Yes, it’s that special and surreal time of year.
So  gather round, let our voices mingle
Look at the stars up above,
watch closely as they twinkle.
Listen,  hear  Christmas bells ring,
It’s time my friends, gather round to  sing.
So many spaces, we’ll need to reserve,
You won’t need to worry, about extra food to serve.
Put on your thinking cap, now who do you recall.
O my!  so many have taken that Heavenly call.
Well now… There’s Granma Green and Pa
from back home on Curry’s Lane.
They’ve been gone awhile but they'll visit just the same.
Save a space for Richard and Richie too,
my husband and partner, I’ll never forget you.
My Father-in-law, Howie and  mother-in-law Lil,
such fond memories visit me still.
Chuppy, Ceddie, O cousins  gone way too soon,
no worries their spirits will be here
adding comfort to our rooms.
Uncle Roy & Aunt Kay, O I remember the days,
I was such a naughty girl, in so many ways,
they saved many a lashing, O yes they did,
O well, I was just a kid
Don’t forget, Aunt Win and Uncle Jim
Uncle Sid and Aunt Mar they're gone too,
Don’t worry, I’ll never forget them.
O my darlings, I’ll never forget you.
and Dad, O there’s not too much to say.
You know I’ll remember you too on Christmas day.
In our perspective houses, you know their spirits will be there.
Blessing  us with their presence,
adding to our Christmas Cheer.
Sometimes in tragic our young are taken away,
I know they’re well now, and will join us Christmas day.
My best friend Ila,  you came to my rescue,
why, you always came through,
sweet, sweet Ila, I’ll never, ever  forget you.
Suzie, O Suzie you were my saving grace,
I’ll always remember that deep smile on your face.
This poem would never end,
if I kept calling out names.
I’ll take a deep sigh while remembering  the rest,
And know one day I too will be royally Blessed.
Ahhhh make way one and all,
throw your sadness away.
Get ready to rejoice and enjoy Christmas Day.

Written by:  Melvina Germain
Date:            Dec.19/2013

It's A Dog's Life © Melvina Germain 
September 11, 2009 

Blaze was dog tired as he opened his eyes early Thursday morning, staring at the wall. Took a look at his master, watched him snore awhile. Ahh what to do thought blaze as he reached his head down between his legs and gave his wee wee a brush of the tongue. Got up, shook himself, walked to the kitchen, ready to start his day.

Immediately Blaze heard barking from the boys next door, Charles and Abe, he shared a three dog night with them before. Blaze began to bark and carry on, waking his master. Upset and yelling what the heck is going on, Master John came barreling down the hallway, yelling take it easy Blaze, alright boy I'll let you out. Blaze looked at John with his big blue/black eyes and walked sheepishly to the side
door. The two boys next door managed to get out also and all three met in the back behind the spruce
tree, next to the fence where they had dug a hole big enough to get through and off for a walk they went.

Ahh so many sights along the way, scents and the drizzle of the rain on their foreheads caused them to give their sleek bodies a shake every now and then. Oh my thought blaze as he motioned to Charles and Abe to take a look across the street, why there goes Misty with her head held high on a diamond leash, now that's dog gone funny, as her master proudly walks by. She has no time for us Blaze thought to himself, Charles and Abe looked on in disbelief at the beauty before their eyes. C'mon motioned Blaze, she's not interested in us, her sporting her diamonds and fancy do, she's entering that contest, you know the dog days of August, yeah, move on, move on.

Oh oh says Blaze, look whose up ahead, it's Alex, he knows my owner and he's going to try to take me home, huh, in a dogs age he will. Yeah says Charles, we won't let him. Let's ban together boys and give this guy the run of his life. As Alex approached and hollers, hey Blaze all three dogs picked up speed and ran, Alex yelled to the top of his voice, stop Blaze, stop! to no avail, the boys were gone, they soared, there was no catching them this morning. Blaze, Charles and Abe stopped at the railroad crossing and took a pee, much needed after their brisk exercise. Thirsty they were so they headed down to the river and hung there for a time, dog gone it, such a beautiful day.

In and out of the water they played and played, then Abe noticed Candy laying on a huge rock, hi Candy, what's up. Candy replied oh Abe, I'm sicker than a dog, I just can't make myself get up and move. blaze overheard the conversation and immediately ran to a neighbor's yard, an old farmer in the field. He found a sheet of cardboard and brought it back to Candy. Hey guys, lets' get candy on this
cardboard and we can all grab a piece and take her home, are ya with me. Oh yeah says Charles and Abe, let's do it. It's not a dog eat dog world is it boys, no we help each other, don't worry Candy, you'll be home in no time.

They took their drinks from the river and all grabbed a piece of cardboard and proceeded to take Candy home. Time passed, the morning is gone and now it's a dog day afternoon and all is well. Candy lived in
a tiny house on the corner and her master would be so worried by now, poor Candy had been out there most of the night. As they approached Candy's house they heard voices calling Candy, Candy, then Blaze heard a familiar voice calling his name Blaze oh oh his master knew he was gone. Well doggie see, doggie do, they dropped Candy at the back of her house, barked and barked so they would be heard and sure enough, Mrs. Green came to the back gate oh my Candy, where were you sweetheart. John, John come quick, look there's Blaze running with two other dogs. John was not happy as he went back to the house and got reinforcements. Noel and Dylan were waiting with both gates opened in case Blaze returned. Blackie was not happy either because he was locked in the room when Blaze left and he missed out on all the fun he thought.

Blaze, Charles and Abe saw a pack of dogs up ahead and thought if they could get going to the dogs, they wouldn't end up in the doghouse so soon. They ran and ran to reach that pack and when Blaze turned around he say his masters truck coming, he soared into the back alley and headed toward the huge field where the pack of dogs were hanging out. Tongue hanging out, legs moving with force, they glided so elegantly through the air but Master John wasn't giving up. Noel took the back way and he rode his bicycle in from the back oh yes he saw the pack of dogs and rode right to them, Blaze and Charles stopped for a moment while Abe kept running back and forth, knowing not what he was doing.
Panting, tongues hanging out, what to do Blaze yelled Abe, what to do. Blaze looks around and the SUV
was almost upon them, He shook his head and said, sorry guys, I think we're caught, time to go home.

Charles and Abe were not happy with Blaze's decision and decided no way, we're not going home, then all of a sudden they heard a huge voice calling their names and they immediately laid on the ground, it was Mavis and Andy, ummm hummm, their masters were there too. Big John got out of the truck as Noel rode up with his Bike, in the truck Blaze yelled master John, and Blaze jumped quickly in the truck laying down on the floor, he knew he was a bad boy. All the masters laughing and happy they found their best friends, said their good-byes. Charles and Abe cried, they didn't want to go home just yet, and Blaze barked saying, we must do this again, see ya later.

Blaze smiled to himself, he had a great morning and a wonderful afternoon, the exercise was great. now I know, he thought, I'm going to get fed soon, my master is happy and tomorrow morning I'll try to do this again. He snuggled up to the back seat and relaxed for the ride home. It's a dogs life thought Blaze, and he laughed, my master doesn't know it but I let him catch us, I could have kept going, that's right, it's a dogs life.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: Sept. 11/2009

Mommy,  I'm  Gay
© Melvina Germain
Stella was so happy to have her baby,
she beamed a light so bright.
Years later, a sadness covered her when
she saw the look on her son's face one night.

Mommy I'm sorry to tell you, I'm gay,
these are the hardest words for me to say.
Stella looked at her son and smiled beautifully,
and her eyes shone like brilliant stars.
She whispered softly in his ear,
you are my precious son and I love you just
the way you are.

Written by:  Melvina Germain
Date:          Jan. 8/2015


        David Harris
Books By David Harris:  Just Beyond The Sunset and other poems  and
Pussy FootinThe stories within are fiction, though some are based on actual events of my own cats past and present.
Poems to music free download: There's A Light In A Window
A link to all David's poems:          Click to read my poems  
About David Harris: 
 I started writing in 1963 following the breakup with a girlfriend as something to do. I started with songs, progressed into poetry, short stories and then into novels of which I have written 30 to date. In 2006 and 2007 I won two Outstanding Achievement Awards and appeared in four anothogies, one of those is on a CD set. I am at the moment putting the finishing touches to a second volume of cat stories and a new novel.


© by David Harris

In fifty years from now 
my voice might be heard 
in whispers in the wind. 
My figure with no form 
might be seen among the clouds 
as my ghost floats with no emotion 
above where I sit. 
A cat will hiss at my presence 
to let you know I am around. 
You can talk to me, 
but my voice might be a murmur 
that you cannot understand. 
Don.t be afraid I will not harm you. 
I have only come back to see 
how things have changed 
as I drift around in a world 
where I once had a body. 
Now I am just an entity, 
a fading form in the moonlight 
that cast shadows on the ground. 
I have come back to the places I loved 
not to harm anyone, 
just to enjoy the memories I left there 
on surfaces you take for granted.
© 4 January 2015


©by David Harris

This poem is dedicated to the memory of the men, women and children from all countries that have lost their lives in wars that have plagued our world. May their souls rest in eternal peace. 

Autumn leaves have fallen 
across long forgotten battlefields 
where deep below the ground 
the dead lie asleep. 
Their lives torn apart 
by some wicked war. 
There they have immortality 
for they will age no more. 
Their sleep is restless 
for from their deaths, 
no lessons were learnt 
and men and boys keep killing 
in constant wicked wars. 
On the eleventh hour, 
of the eleventh day, 
of the eleventh month 
we stand in silence 
to honour their memory 
for the sacrifices they made, 
but we have never learnt the lessons 
for which their lives they gave 
as the killing still goes on and on. 

Written by David Harris 
Date: 11 November 2009


Sleepless In Portsmouth
© by David Harris

Two o’clock in the morning, 
four hours before I go to work 
and I cannot sleep. 
My mind is filled with images 
that should not really be there. 
We are standing in an airport my wife and I 
in a different country 
looking for faces I hope I might recognise. 
There are people all around us, 
but those we are looking for 
they are not there. 
My wife is getting panicky. 
We are strangers in a strange land. 
For a month, I have had no contact 
with those whom we are to meet. 
I keep thinking of my friends 
and wondering 
have they forgotten me? 
It is just a dream 
I hope that will not turn into reality. 
Still I am not tired 
no matter what I do. 
I close my eyes again, 
but still no sleep comes. 
Even if I can fall asleep, 
the desertion dream comes again. 
Nothing wants to make it go away. 
Here I sit cigarette in one hand 
and a cup of coffee in the other, 
sleepless in Portsmouth. 
Hoping what I am dreaming 
isn’t going to come true. 
Excitement some might call it, 
but dread is my word for it. 
The loss of communication 
points to its possibility. 
Is what I am dreaming a warning 
of my future reality? 
My life seems in tatters 
and there is nothing I can do. 
I am left in a limbo 
with so much unsaid 
and my torment goes on and on. 
While all the time I am saying to myself, 
come on David get back to bed. 
How can I? 
When all I see is nothing 
at the other end waiting for me. 
I am now beginning to wonder 
if this was all a mistake 
and what will be waiting for us 
when we touch down 
after nine and a half hours in the air. 
All I can do is pray is someone 
will say something to ease the anxiety I am feeling. 
In the mean time, I will remain 
sleepless in Portsmouth. 

Written by David Harris 
© Date: 15 May 2009 


Hoarder Or Collector (Fun Poem 101)
© by David Harris

Some of us are hoarders 
and we don’t know where to stop. 
We say we are collectors, 
of rubbish maybe. 
For a long time I have loved books 
and collected every waif and stray. 
People gave them to me by the dozen 
and I never turned them away. 
My collecting went so mad 
I have now ten thousand or more 
within my library. 
Enough is enough I would say, 
but still more arrived. 
Now I don’t live in a house anymore, 
as it has become a library. 
There are books in every room 
and not just one or two, 
but dozens and dozens of them. 
Everywhere you go; 
there are books here and there. 
Now I must down size 
and my problem is 
which ones do I let go, 
and then I think 
I might want to read a couple of them. 
I am confused at what to do. 
I know if I don’t do it soon 
we won’t be able to 
even get into the loo! 

Written by David Harris 
© Date: 19 April 2009 

Author’s note: 
Loo is a word we use instead of saying Toilet. And, yes, I have that many books and I do have to get rid of some. 


Olivia Kent
A Video of Olivia reading her poems:Olivia's Video
Books are on Amazon:
Twitter @oliviamkent
Livvi's  email at

Olivia [Livvi's] Poems

                        BEAUTIFUL BLIZZARD Photo (C) LIVVI

Down the hillsides we stroll.
It's so very cold.
Ice bites the fingers.
The heart that's ablaze.
A hawk projects her image 'pon the skyline a glow.
Look at the sky sending pictures of snow.
Not snowing yet, we must not forget.
Snow's on her way by the end of the day.
Home we must away.
To sit by the fire, ablaze in the hearth.
Before the blizzard of cruelty assaults mother earth.
Supplies we have many.
They're stashed in the larder.
We purchased of plenty afore the weather became harder.
Standing on the peak at the top of the world, be a stag full of antlers.
They are weighing him down.
Tis only mine to wonder, where he doth go,
To stay safe and warm from the assailing snow.
Sanctuary now for me and thee.
Inside our refuge.
Where the evils of winter have visible charm.
Inside all cosy protected from harm.



©By ladylivvi1

Discretion of predators, out to feast. 
On vulnerability.
Vicious vultures from the deepest darkest depths.
Seen not until the surface breached.
Now and then, they'll take their own with sophistication.
Pursuing afflicted bedfellows.
Victorious villains violate base of silence.

Silence broken.
Hover around.
Desperate moments cry.
At refusal to oblige.
Voices wail.
Sometimes with razor tongues.
Breaking sonic boom, slight exaggeration.
They watch eagle eyed, as the finance provider frankly opens her purse.
And they say mum, ' have you got any spare change I can scavenge'
Off into the land of life they go at another's expense.
© 2014 ladylivvi1 (All rights reserved)


TELLING TALES © By ladylivvi1

My sunshine, my raindrops.
My passion, my pain.
My morning flower, my evening star.
My cherish, my perish.
His fetish, his wit.
My cold wind, my rain.
My fire, my power.
Each sentimental hour.
My chaste, all this drama.
We are both jokers.
He wants to choke her.
Good sir, 
I have to tell you,
Pray it is, with much regret.
I hereby do beseech you.
Remove your hands from round my neck.


FAIRY TALES © by Livvi

She amended the spot of the huge fluffy rug having just vacuumed the living room floor.
Got out her beeswax, polished the table.
Upon the wall hung, the head of the sable, she shined his eyes.
The glass eyes of the Sable, who'd been hanging up there for a number of years.
She sat in the armchair sipping her tea.

The rug had moved from it's spot.
It's wild and free.
A rap on the door.
The wrought iron knocker banged hard.
A young pretty girl, with silky blonde hair, stood on the threshold crying .
Face damp with tears.
Crying for years.

"Have you seen my daddy bear?"
The lady responded, " I'm sorry, he's dead".
The young girl in tears.
Heartbroken for years.
The rug that had moved, circumstances improved.
He barged through the door, did her dear daddy bear.
Took a firm hold of the young girl's hand.
A wink and a grin.
Off they go, a happy pair of fairy-tale features.
A rendezvous with red riding hood and the once reported big bad wolf.
An anthology of fairy-tale creatures

© Livvi




Marilyn I. Lott          
    The following Arches National Park poem was      published in the book Marilyn is holding. 
Marilyn I. Lott's Facebook page:  Marilyn I. LottMarilyn I. Lott at Poem Hunter:  Marilyn LottMarilyn's Bio:

I've loved poetry my entire life beginning with poems my parents read to my brother and I from the Jr. Classics. 

My husband and I travel all over this beautiful country and I enjoy writing poems about my travels. I enjoy taking pictures with my digital camera.

I have written hundreds of poems for John McCornack's web pages. John sends me a daily web page with the wonderful pictures he takes along with music and I write a poem that will snuggle into the page. What a challenge that is for me!

I have articles published in Woman's World and Parent magazines. My poems have been published in True Love and True Romance magazines as well as several anthologies. Recently my poem, Arches National Park was published in a text book for children ages 15-16. The company is Pearson Learning and based in Singapore.  They send this beautiful book all around the country to schools and if they like the book they order it for their students. This is probably what I am most proud of and I love representing my country with the only poem in the book. I have over 1,600 poems in Poem Hunter.

I love to write about the simple life and how faith and hope is always there and that tomorrow is a fresh new beginning.

Arches National Park Photo © by Marilyn I. Lott

Arches National Park © by Marilyn I. Lott

It’s a miracle to see when you travel The exciting terrain across the land Sprouting up from nowhere like statues Brilliant rock from Mother Nature’s hand

This summer my vacation was dotted With rock so magnificently strong The color that continues to amaze me Snapping pictures as I travel along

Arches National Park is so shocking For you cannot even imagine the look Enormous rock with such stunning colors Like fantasy from a child’s story book

You look up with eyes wide with wonder Questioning what happened and when For it’s a place you’ll truly want to see Over and over again!

Marilyn I. Lott © 8-18-07

A Fractured Soul
Did you ever get so weary
That you think you can’t go on?
You reach inside yourself
To find a part that may be strong?
I know just what you’re feeling
For I too have been to that space
You feel anxious and depressed
And want to be at a different place.
Sometimes it takes a lot of thinking
But it takes a lot of praying too
For God is a willing friend
Who will always be there for you.
I know He seems so distant
He can’t sit upon your chair
But if you truly reach inside your heart
You will always find Him there.
So please, my friend, be patient
And treat God as your best friend
He will help you make the choices
He’ll help your fractured soul to mend!
Marilyn Lott

Women in Uniform © Marilyn I. Lott

They are patriotic heroes
Have been so for many years
I know that there were many times
When these ladies shed some tears.
They are devoted to their country
They've done everything they could
To make the world around them better
Because they've felt they should.
When there has been a need of any kind
They have stepped up to the plate
Setting aside their own lives
Being heroes has been their fate.
So let's raise the flag of honor
And to them we give a salute
They've helped to keep our country free
And deserve a special tribute.
© Marilyn I. Lott


Dear Dad © Marilyn I. Lott

Dear Dad, it’s close to Father’s Day
You are on my mind so much
I think about you often ‘cause
I loved your loving touch

When I was just a little girl
So tall you were to me
I loved to cuddle close to you
As I set upon your knee

I loved to listen to the tales
About you as a boy
I pictured being with you then
Oh Dad, you truly were a joy

You lost your own dad as a baby
I felt so bad for you
I treasured you even more
You were honest, Dad, and true

As I grew up with your guidance
My years upon another
I treasured too my mother
And my special older brother

But on this Father’s Day
I try hard to not feel so sad
Instead, smile as I remember
My very special Dad!

© Marilyn Lott


Winter of 1963 by © by Marilyn i. Lott

It was a winter like no other
I remember it very well
Ice thick as planks and snow
Grabbed hard as it fell.
It was decorative, I give it that
Quite beautiful you could say
Icy lace hung like curtains, haven't
Seen anything like it to this day.
But, of course, nothing lasts forever
The ice melted and it broke free
But still I will always remember
That amazing winter of 1963.
© by Marilyn Lott


Older than Dirt © by Marilyn I. Lott
September 29, 2014  

You know, it's quite amazing
How different generations are
I heard stories from my grandma
They didn't always have a car.

My parents had a car though
Only one in which to drive
Dad, of course, took it to work
But somehow we did survive.

The radio was so important
Heard country music that was sad
I asked mom about loving country
And she said that's all we had.

I didn't have a TV till I was twelve
And for channels maybe three
I even watched the test pattern
Didn't take much to entertain me.

We didn't have fast food places
Mom cooked everything from scratch
My parents grew a garden and we
Ate eggs from chickens we watched hatch.
We always went to Sunday service
Following our weekly Sunday school
We were taught to have good manners
And abide by the Golden Rule.

We never talked back to our parents
We were always taught to mind
The switch from the nearest willow tree
Somehow kept us right in line.

I think stories from the past
Should be told, it wouldn't hurt
'Cause if you had a childhood like mind
Then you're no doubt older than dirt.

© Marilyn I. Lott



Cathy Hodgson

Cat's Poetry: Cats Poetry at Facebook

Cathy is an artist: Currently she is working on 

instructions on how to paint some of her art work.

Cathy's Book at Amazon: 

A Daily Poem: Touched by Heaven

Cathy's videos

Beautiful photos and music with Cathy's poems in words 

The Lord and I Peeled Potatoes 
(Edited) © by Cathy Hodgson 

The Lord and I peeled potatoes
It's such a mundane task
I peeled and sang Him praises
While He filled my empty flask

I sang the songs He gave to me
I slowed from all life arrant run
My voice not even middle class
He didn’t turn away to run

But as my voice filled the house through
God's Spirit chased away feeling of blue
He knew that I needed that mundane task
To smooth lifes heavy day past
Cathy Hodgson © 2009


The Gift
© by Cathy Hodgson
August 28, 2009 
The Gift, A poem I wrote today, Enjoy, Cat

Take my hand
With pen inserted
Use thy gift
To write thy words

Holy ink to flow from quill
Writing of thy precious will
Use these word to edify Thee
So more of you and less of me

Give me strength to hear your voice
Writing of your loving choice
Calm the one that is me
Lord I meditate on Thee

So all in all
Of friends and fo
Of your love
I can bestow

Cathy Hodgson © 2009


The Armor © Cathy Hodgson

The Armor
© by Cathy Hodgson
January 25, 2010 

When the trials get heavy
And the road seems low
There are some things
I think you should know

This is a test
A school if you would
To see what our use will be
In another neighborhood

One with no bounds
No dips in the road
One where we will help
Someone else with their load

Oh the perks
With an Armor of Light
With a Sword of His Spirit
Feet shod in the gospel of right

With faith we have His shield
To wear a waistband of truth
A helmet of His salvation yield
To the breastplate of His righteousness
© 2010 Cathy E. Hodgson


                          Valentine Lost in Winter
                     © Cathy E. Hodgson 1/15/15

Paint me in frozen, fair white and grey
Whisper a longing of summer day
Hug me in scented lilac in trees
Let me hear whispers of bumble bees
Yet the north blows, crying in pain
Frozen snow flake takes place of rain
Firelight crackles beyond fair grate
Under a blanket is warmth satiate 
I see your portrait yonder and fair
My mind wanders yet arms are bare
Somewhere a rainbow melts into spring
Is that a robin that began to sing? 
© Cathy E. Hodgson 1/15/15


         Beck and her sweetie who is wearing an reflective hat!
Beck Fletcher
Beck is a writer and an artist.
Beck's Blog of Poems

What would you do?

© by Beck Fletcher

What would you do?
If I needed you?
Would you turn and walk away?
Would you hesitate?
Or, maybe you'd stay

What would you say?
If I told you that I'm scared?
Couldn't bring myself to think you cared
Or dream things I never dared

How would you feel if you knew?
That I never wanted to hurt you
Didn't want it to be through
Now you have to feel it too

You couldn't see
Thought that we weren't meant to be
So I had to set you free
If you need me
You know where I'll be

©Beck Fletcher Jan 11, 2015

Vern Taylor
Vern Taylor is a distant cousin to me and I have been following his poems and writing since 2010.  I am adding him to my favorite Modern Poets Page.  I saw his Genealogy page and saw he had some of my family there. So emailed him and found that we were related a few different ways. He told me about Melvina Germain's Prayer Warrior's page. From there I found out about Melvina's Poetry group.  That is where I met most of the poets who I have added their poems here in my blog.

Vern Taylor:

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Painting by William Blake in 1805       
   'The Meeting of the Family in Heaven'

The Door to Life is Called Death
© by Vern Taylor 2015

What is death but the door to new life;
Relief from all the pain and cares and strife.
Reunion with all those who've gone before
Hugs and love from parents and those we've missed
Reuniting with those special ones that we've kissed.

What is death but the best chance to find;
An ancestor that was lost in the mists of time,
An answer to what an author meant to say,
A chance to talk with Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Paul,
A chance to see the beautiful Saviour of us all.

What is death but the proof of life that we have lived;
Death is but the proof of heart that we have loved,
Realization that life is a lot shorter than we are to be.
It is a time to look back and see the world we left,

And send our comforting prayers to those most bereft.