Monday, April 13, 2015

Felt Projects: Easter and Dolls

Easter and Dolls Projects

I made a lot of Bunnies and Eggs for Easter gifts this year. I also made felt dolls for my nice's twin daughters birthday. They are 4 this year.

I used felt for all and cut out all then added the embellishments such as lace, ribbon, buttons and beads to the Easter Eggs.  The Bunnies have embroidery and a white pompom tail. The side view bunnies have a white felt tail.  Some of the eggs have an opening to add something inside them. 

All the bunnies are lightly stuffed with Poly-fill. The eggs that do not have the openings are also lightly stuffed.

The dolls eyes are embroidered. I sewed their undies on so they do not come off. The clothes are supposed to be like the old paper doll style. I made two sides and they are held together with straps at the top.

I made a pink purse and a purple backpack for the dolls.  The book style storage starts wiht the cover to look like a door and three windows with a flower garden at the bottom. Inside the left side has a dresser where all the clothes are kept with the hats.
The right side has a bed that is a pocket like the dresser where the dolls slip in with two pillows.

I forgot to take a photo of the back which was 10 rows of beads that go from one bead to 10 beads for counting. The beads are the "Biggie Pearler Beads" the same you see as the necklaces for the dolls. 

I saw the idea from a pattern on Pinterest. See photo at the end of my photos.

Lastly I made a cat with the same pattern I used before for cloth cats I made two years ago. 
I have cut out more felt as well and will post what I did with that next week.

Here are all the dolls and their clothes and the Easter felt projects.

The two girl dolls with their sewn on undies
The girls with their necklaces in the bed. Each pillow is lightly stuffed and added lace on the edges

The doll on the left is wearing the backpack and the doll on the right has a purse The tops and pants are attached at the waist

                                   Close up of the purse, the front flap opens
                 Close up of the backpack, the flap opens where the pink button has a button hole
                             Two more outfits one orange and the other blues with matching hats
More outfits one dark pink and the other is red and their matching hats
The last of the outfits, two orange colors, the black has glitter already attached when I bought it
The front of the book is a house with three windows a door and a flower garden with buttons as the flowers and felt leaves, a purple ribbon is the spine of the book
Close up of the flowers and leaves
The dresser has buttons on the outside. The dark purple is the back of the dresser for added strength. There is an opening between the purple and pink to store the clothes 


Eggs with buttons and beads, lace and ribbon. The blue ribbon was fraying at the ends, I should have cut the ribbon longer and turned under a 1/4 inch. Instead after I embroidered the ribbon and saw that it was fraying I used nail polish to stop the fraying

Two bunnies and one egg. The yellow bunny has a white pompom tail
Bunny and basket of flowers with beads on the handle
Purple bunny
White base egg with buttons and beads
Dark pink egg with rick rack
Light Pink egg with pink heart bead

Close up of one of the baskets of flowers with beads on the handle

Felt Cat
Melissa says "Oh that looks like 'Catburt' from 'Delbert' cartoon. So this one is hers!

I made about 24 eggs and 20 bunnies out of felt. I made 4 baskets of flowers and cut out four cats. I have not finished the cats.  I cut out 4 Owls and two smaller cats different pattern. I will add those soon to this blog.  I decided to do more felt last year as a change of pace from the plastic canvas projects I had been doing
 for the last four years!  I made a ton of plastic canvas and had them on a web page. I will add the best of the plastic canvas here. 
Have a great Spring!
Doll pattern as requested she is 5 and 1/2 inches wide at the legs and 8 1/4 inch tall. The arms are 6 inches from hand to hand area. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

12 April 2015

April 12, 2015

Winter illnesses have been on and off for me this season. I try new ideas to help with wellness. One thing I am going to try more of is Coconut products. I have been using the coconut milk that has been added to a brand of Almond milk that I have been using for the last 4 years.  That has helped a lot. I am going to try the coconut oil "pulling" where you hold a spoonful of the coconut oil in your mouth for 5 minutes and work up time and then spit it out, The oil pulls bacteria and stuff from your system. 
I have been adding flax seeds that are ground into my oatmeal with some cinnamon. I don't use sugar I have it plain. I add a spoonful of Craisins [dried cranberries] to my oatmeal for sweetness. I have been using the 21 grain breads for breakfast and or snack. Each slice is 60 calories and has a lot of protein in it. 
My daughter send me some Turmeric Cucumin capsuls which is a plant spice from the Ginger family used a lot in Indian curry dishes. I will start those soon for inflammation and pain relief as well as intestinal issues.
I am cutting back on Tramadol and want to go off of it entirely.
My A1C Blood sugar test is so good at 5.0 or 5.2 over the last 4 years I have not had to have Insulin since my operation in 2009. 

I am using the heating pad and that helps my hip really nicely. I use the Nikken Products with the high gauss magnets as well or infrared fibers in the blankets and pillows.

My prayers go out to a lot of people who lives have been devastated by one way or another. My best friend lost her husband to lung issues. He was a VietNam veteran. 

My friend Marilyn I Lott who writes poems posted the following photo and poem she wrote. From the ashes of destruction we find hope in the knowledge that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has been the atoning sacrifice for all of us.  I see that in this poem. 

Blessings to all my family and friends online. 

Marilyn I Lott says:
"This is not my story, rather the story of the guy I write daily poems for, John McCornack. He was devastated when his grandparents' home burned to the ground. This is his story. It was so heartfelt and he is so close to God that I thought it was a good Sunday poem. I hope you enjoyed."

I LOOK UPON THE RUINS © Marilyn Lott 7-5-05

As I look upon the ruins
My eyes are filled with tears
From memories nestled in my heart
Countless and treasured years.

I stayed away so long you know
‘Cause I knew things weren't the same
It’s too late now – that cannot be changed
But no one was to blame.

I reach inside and close my eyes
And remember way back then
Oh Grandma, how I wish that I
Could see you once again.

To hold you close, to touch the clothes
That only you could wear
To press my face into the folds
And hold you oh, so near.

Did your clothes hang on the hangers?
Once you had gone away?
It seemed to me a sacred place
A place I wouldn't play.

You made your household money
From selling eggs and milk
I loved your noisy chickens
And the sweet liquid smooth as silk.

I remember your yellow roses
I can smell them even now
And even unattended
They stayed beautiful somehow.

And Grandpa how I remember
The tractor that you drove
To work that fertile soil
And the perfect fields you wove.

I’d climb that home-made ladder
When I was just a boy
I can smell the sweetness of the hay
And still it brings me joy.

Oh Lord will you please hold my hand
And help me through this pain
The farmhouse that my family loved
Will no longer be again.

But thank you Lord, for my memories
The happiness I knew
And put aside the burning hurt
And hold me close to you.

© Marilyn Lott 7-5-05

My Grandmother Ethel Hopkins Kingwell Mifflin was a seamstress as well as the Grandmother in this poem. Before I even read the poem I saw the sewing machine and thought immediately of her.