Plastic Canvas, felt and yarn projects

This page is an index of my Plastic Canvas projects and other craft project that I have made.
I will have the full stories at JAQUO magazine. Links to each story will appear as they are published at JAQUO.

Snow people decoration

I started crafting with plastic canvas seriously when I was reintroduced to it in 2010. I took photos and used those to make stories of how I got involved with the craft and added tutorials at the request of many commenters who wanted to learn how. Some of the first pages just show the projects. Then I started to add tutorials and patterns. I have all the patterns if you see one that you want the pattern, just ask and I will send it to you in an email. I can also post it here and you can copy it from here.
I have also crafted other projects with sewing such as dolls and shopping bags, also listed on the sewing page, as well as crafting with felt.

Here are my plastic canvas pages with other craft projects with tutorial pages. They are not in any order of my published pages.

1. Vampire and Coffin plastic canvas  

Back of the coffin

Here are some FREE Patterns for a Vampire and Coffin plastic canvas decorations for your Halloween!

2.  Plastic Canvas Kleenex Boxes 

This is my first page of how I make plastic canvas gifts starting in 2010.

3. Felt Flowers

I found some cute felt flowers  and made some with free patterns with flowers, ladybugs, bees, and butterflies that are all made out of felt.

4. My Cloth Dolls 

I started making cloth dolls for myself and for gifts when my kids were small. That evolved into dolls for my grandchildren. Besides human dolls some of the dolls are mythical as well as stuffed animals.

5. My embroidery

 Embroidery when you are legally blind is very challenging for sure. I have been legally blind since I was a teen. I learned from my Mom and Grandmother how to sew and embroider. 

6. Christmas and Easter Themed Plastic Canvas 

 Christmas and Easter are my two favorite Holidays. From the time I was able to hold a crayon and draw I started to craft. I drew and then learned how to craft with many types of media. Starting in 2010 I began crafting with plastic canvas and yarn.

7. Grumpy Cat Aida wall hanging that Grumpy says "Whatever"

Using size 7 Aida cloth I wanted to make a "Grumpy Cat". I made several of them.

8. Cute cat ornament or Christmas gift topper 

 A simple cat pattern makes a cute cat gift. I made several  out of regular cloth with some embroidery or glued on wiggly eyes.

9. Halloween Themed Plastic Canvas

Halloween crafts another page. Includes a bat.

10. Easy felt basket - Free patterns

I saw a cute felt basket that I liked and decided to make one for Easter. The basket from online was somewhat different and I changed the pattern. Here is my tutorial.

11. Minecraft style Gold Sword and Creeper Kleenex Box

One of my friends daughter loves Minecraft and selected to have a  Gold Sword. This page is how I crafted the sword with little or no patterns. Includes other Minecraft items.

12. 4th of July Plastic canvas projects 

Here are some 4th of July Plastic canvas projects I made and other patterns.

13. Homemade cloth shopping bags

 My daughter needed some cloth bags to carry her laundry up and down stairs. Full tutorial and links.

14. Spring Plastic canvas projects 

Here are some for St Patricks Day, Valentines Day and Easter plastic canvas projects. Hearts have crocheted edges.

15. Haunted House Decoration – FREE Halloween Patterns 

This Haunted House Kleenex box is so cute my one daughter loves it so much and I am making another one for my daughter I live with.

16. How to make Derpy Hooves a Plastic Canvas decoration 

My 30 year old son is a Brony! I made this for him.

17. Minions from Despicable Me the movies

 Despicable Me Minion - FREE Patterns 

18. My Blue Angels

 I made Christmas ornaments hand sewn. These are felt with DMC type floss. 

19. Blue Train Kleenex Box cover made with Plastic Canvas 

My friends late husband adored trains. One year I made the Train style Kleenex box cover out of plastic canvas and yarn for him.

20. Grumpy Cat Pillow

Based upon the real Grumpy Cat AKA "Tardar Sauce" I made two wall hangings and one pillow so far with the size 7 Aida cloth and yarn.

21.  Christmas felt birds 

I made some felt birds and felt snowmen.  I have included FREE Patterns. 

22. Easy Christmas felt ornaments

Dozens of Christmas felt ornaments found online at Pinterest  were chosen to make these for Christmas gifts for 2014.I used embroidery floss, buttons and beads. FREE Patterns! 

23. Yo Yo Ornaments

Yo Yo's are circles of cloth gathered material. This is my first year making projects with Yo Yo's. FREE Patterns and Tutorials.

24. More Felt Ornaments 

Easy Children's crafts adaptable for Children ages 5 and up. FREE Patterns and Tutorial. 

25. Plastic Canvas Christmas

Plastic Canvas Christmas ornaments, jewelry boxes  will and bracelets.  FREE Patterns! 

26. My first experience with making bracelets

This was a challenge for the end of the year. I purchased beads and had some wire from 15 years ago when I made necklaces.

27. Dead Pool, Toothless and Winter Wolf projects

Specialized gifts made to order for three of my Grandkids!