My Personal Stories

My Personal Stories

A couple of years ago I found a website, now obsolete, called Squidoo. After over a year I had about 75 stories there, some personal, a lot about my crafts and some movie and book reviews, and some product reviews that I personally purchased.  The company of Squidoo sold out and Hub Pages graciously accepted our stories.  I agreed and my stories were there for about 6 months.  The rules changed and things became more and more difficult for me. So I decided to take down all my stories. 
Another 6 months went by and I found out one of the ladies, Jackie Johnson, started her own website magazine called JAQUO and was accepting authors, writers for her magazine which comes out in print form a few times a year. I sent her three articles and they were published in the first print issue. I did not sent her and more for 5 months so I missed having any stories in the second print edition.  


Since then I have submitted over 25 stories and some will appear in her third printed edition. 
Some of my personal stories have NOT been out on the internet and I will be adding them back to my blog. This index is what will appear again in my blog of the ones I have already written.


This page is an index of my personal stories that I have written about me, my life, and my experiences.

Update January 2016 

I will add the links for the stories that will appear on this blog. 

I started out writing stories about myself and how I manage as a legally blind person. Here are four main stories about me and my legal blindness:
Me with my first pair of glasses

My pages about legal blindness:

This story is about how I managed my life from age 20 until recently.
I describe my life from age 3 until my early 20's.
I tried to do college several times and this page is about how I managed college without any help, tutors, adaptive equipment or funds from the government.
I did not know that there was help for me as a disabled person until 1994. I was so glad to find this help and with it managed to graduated from college with a computer science degree.

Personal Stories and Experiences with Photos 

Medically Induced Coma - My Personal Horror Story - How I Lost 6 Weeks after Bariatric Surgery 

March 2009 WHAT HAPPENED??? That was a thought that went through my mind as my caregiver handed me a Stuffed toy musical Bunny. Last I remember was I was at the ER with horrid pains in my tummy.
 My Chenille Bedspread from 1961 
My bedroom in 1961 - The Chenille bedspread. I found a diary entry about my Chenille bedspread that I used for a report in 1961. The report was for credit for a girls group at church. I had to make a goal about how I wanted to re-decorate my bedroom. I got permission from my Mother to change my room around. Mom was always after me to keep my room clean. I valued the pretty bedspread Mom got for me and wanted to keep the room nice. I previously did *not* do a good job about keeping my room clean much.
My Lilac bush May 2012

 Surprise in My Lilac Tree in 1955 
Two themes: Lilac tree and Butterfly When I was a child we lived in San Francisco, California. I have written a lens about that house in my Chenille bedspread lens. In the back yard we had only one tree. It was a lilac tree. It was a tree because it had one trunk. As I looked it up online these two links below tell you about Lilac trees versus lilac bushes.

                                        Our cats sleeping
 The Adventures of Batman and Robin, our cats
FAQ Q. OK what are the cat's real names??? A. Well their names are Batman and Robin. Q. Have their names always been that or did they start out as a different name?? A. Yes, good question, Robin was originally "O" and then Round Robin and shortened to just Robin. Batman was Stripe or Stripe-er because of his stripes. But then it became apparent that he liked to 'fly' around the house leaping from furniture to window and bouncing off the couch to rebound! So Batman became a perfect fit with Robin. We also have another older male cat and his name is Benny.

   L to R Me, my first granddaughter, and my oldest daughter mother of my first granddaughter

My favorite Mother's Day - The The year I became a Grandmother in 1995
The best thing for me as a Mother is LOVE. For Mother's Day I would Love to see Love between the families. It is pretty much a World Peace wish. I want to see people caring for each other, not fighting. The best gift you can give a Mother is showing love and peace. Sharing your time with your Mother is a blessing to a Mom.
 Prayers Work 
My Personal Prayer story of how Prayers helped me many times.

How to be a Blind volunteer - My best Volunteering experience 
I am legally blind. I volunteered to work at the 2002 Olympics and Paralympics in Utah in 2002. Of all the volunteering jobs I have ever done in my life, this one was the best!
  Olympic Wall of Honor 2003 – Legally Blind Volunteer 
In 2003 it was the one year anniversary story of unveiling the Wall of Honor as I was one of the few chosen to help unveil the wall.


The other stories such as the movie reviews and book reviews I have added to Jackie Johnson's Jaquo Magazine.  

I additionally started to add my craft stories.  
I will decide what to do with the other stories. 

My Ancestor stories are on my blog here, as well as the ones about my Parents and Grandparents.

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