Sewing and other crafts I make

This page has photos and stories of things that I have sewn and other crafts I make.
      A cat I made that is lightly stuffed and can sit up a weighted bottom.
To see the pattern and tutorial for this cute cat project go to:
Sherry Ibidii's cute cat tutorial

Here is a story about shopping bags that I designed in 2014 for my daughter. She uses them for her laundry to go to the laundromat. She is on the second floor and uses the bags to carry laundry from her apartment down the stairs to her car and then to the laundromat.

 Final bag of the fleece material.
 After I choose the fleece materials and cut to size, I sorted the colors for the desired pattern. I sewed the strips together. I cut the strips in half to make the straps.

The second bag made from cotton and cotton blends. Both bags are fully lined.
To see the tutorial and free patterns go to my story at:   Sherry Ibidii's Shopping bag tutorial page

My Cloth Dolls
I started making cloth dolls as gifts when my kids were small. Later when the Grandkids started coming I made dolls for them. Besides human dolls some of the dolls are mythical and everyday animals. I do quite a lot of hand sewing. My Cloth Dolls Story Page