The Writer's Door Authors

The Writer's Door Authors

A group of writers who have various articles at different websites, blogs and organized group pages have gotten together and started a support group.

To join the Writer's Door go to
 and click on the button to join. 

Daily there are posts at the FaceBook launch pad for this support group.

 The administrators are  Nancy Carol Brown Hardin Margaret Schindel Barbara Tremblay Cipak and Susan Deppner

The administrators who contribute support quotes, manage the post headings and accept new members.

I thought it would be great to have the list of members and their links to their pages and blogs on my blog.

So here is a list of great authors and their links. First you will see a persons name, then a link you can visit and something about that link for that person. 

         Sherry Atbutterfly [that's me]        


Diana Burrell-Shipton

Diana's Gift Shop:
6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road in Hubbard, Ohio, USA   Diana's Gift Shop
Stop by for your Treasure Hunt 
NO credit/debit card or check
*closed Monday and Tuesday.
Open Noon - 5:00PM Wednesday and Sunday.
Open 10:00 AM -5:00 PM Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Vintage Jewelry sales by Diana.
Custom goods using herbs & flowers from Diana's organic gardens. Items in our online stores can be bought online/shipped, bought online/picked up at the gift shop, or bought here - just email me first for an appointment so that I can have them ready to go for you.. 
Most is wrapped ready to ship so see the photos and descriptions... online.

             Catherine Giordano           
Email:  HubPages by Catherine 

Premium Cable Reviews by Catherine. A place to comment on Catherine's journey as a writer, poet and blogger and to share resources with other writers. Catherine presents Website Speeches, Talks, and Presentations for all Occasions.

Nancy Hardin                 Nancy shares mysterious happenings, historical oddities and curiosities.m Nancy's stories of joys, sorrows and interests that make up the things of life. Nancy's stories. An international page with people's profiles and information and Nancy's about me profile. Nancy has stories to share. Nancy's main Facebook page. 
Community Group at Facebook where Nancy is an administrator. A closed group, you need to ask to be included. Nancy's Pinterest account.

Jonathan Nielsen                    
Through my online writing and social media I enjoy sharing my love for the natural sciences with the world. In particular I specialize in geography, geology, zoology, astronomy, and the sciences of ancient animal life (paleozoology) and the ancient physical Earth (paleogeology).

For those wondering, “Tano Calvenoa,” my online writer name, is a character in a novel I’am working on that I hope to someday finish. The character is an Arctic Hare with a blue cape that I always use.(see photo above) Facebook page - Tano Calvenoa’s Natural Sciences Tano Calvenoa on Twitter Google+ page - Tano Calvenoa’s Natural Sciences Tano Calvenoa on Pinterest Jonathan Nielsen on Jonathan Nielsen on Tsu