Thursday, March 14, 2013

Surprise in my Lilac tree!

Surprise in my Lilac tree!  2013

I saw this paining and it is very close or the same one my daughter had. I really liked it a lot. I love the colors and the subject. It is pretty close to the Mermaid story. I am still looking for the author and title etc. When I find it I will add it here.

I have decided to add all my crafts here.
Just click on the tab above for the different crafts I am making.

I am so glad that winter is just about over!  Sunday is St Patrick's day and then Wednesday March 20th is the first day of Spring.
My lilac tree is starting to bloom!
           This is some of my Lilacs from our Lilac tree.

I used to have so many pretty vases! Since I moved all my things like that are in storage. I am planning a trip this summer to go get all my things! I am moving again and we are renting a house! So I am so excited to have my own room and hopefully my own bathroom, that is the plan!

In the mean time I need to go through things and sort out unnecessary items. I have done this over 60 times now so I am getting to be an expert about it.

I am so glad it is getting warm enough that we do not even use the electric heater in the morning.  We stopped using the wood stove a month ago! It has been almost two weeks since it is no longer below 32 at night. It was a real chore to get the wood, get the kindling, split the kindling and light the fire.  I will be happy to move and not have to use a woodstove to keep warm!
More rain will be coming and I enjoy the rain. I do miss that about living in Washington state.

Now back to making lists of things to do for the move! I probably should make a blog post about the 20 best things to do to prepare to move! ☺