Sunday, July 7, 2013

Update July 7, 2013

Kittens and Benny 

The kittens are full size now as they turned one on May 19, 2013
Here is the latest photo of them.

You can see that the kittens look bigger than Benny

The kittens are indoor kitties as we want to keep it at way as we will be moving and more than likely will need to keep them from cars and such outside. They are as rambunctious ever!  It took a long time for Benny to tolerate the kittens.  Benny still tangles with Robin as Robin needs to get fixed. They are still adorable looking when they a sleeping!

Vacation to Washington State

My daughter and I are getting ready for vacation and Family reunion!   I cannot wait to see my other two daughters and my 6 grand kids! I will blog photos when I return!

Happy Summer!