Sunday, January 25, 2015

This and that for January 25, 2015

One month after Christmas

We love Christmas so much we have not taken down our decorations.  I still use my small string of lights in my bedroom!

I have been adding stories of my Grandparents and my Dad this month.  I am working on my Mom's page this week.
My Mom has collected a lot of information on the families over the years. It started out as family history for Genealogy. It progressed over the years to include scrapbook items and photos that were sent to her or photos and movies she has taken of the family as well.  My Mom and brother took the movies and first transferred the Super 8 films to VHS format.  Later my brother took the VHS and the originals and transferred them to DVD.  I am so glad to have those DVD's. We are only missing one film which is the oldest starting from when they got their 8 MM camera back in the mid 1950's when I was about 5 years old.

When the Smith Grandparent's passed away we got a lot of photos and negatives. Mom got a scanner for the negatives and started to work on that.   There is so much to do but she was unable to finish this job.
Mom is doing very well in the Care Center. She wheels around in her wheel chair and visits all the people who are living there. She has her meals in the dining hall and goes to all the craft and movie and game times.  I am glad that she is so active there.

Here are some poems from my friends onlin. 

New Poems by my friends:


Love is an egg.
It is blessed, within a jolly fine shell.
Inside lives life.
If the egg is an ova.
Fertilised by love itself .
Love grows rapidly inside.
The cracks appear, love's broken free.

(C) Livvi

Solstice by (C) Livvi

In Auschwitz the air hung still.
The dragons are imaginary.

Once they had their fill.
The only gold fell from the fingers of those now perished chosen ones.
The birds crying relinquished flowers.
Lilies all dressed for death.
The classless funeral attire of the blue stripey pyjama death.
Now the camps be emptied.
Those passed inside be free.
Camp be closed.
All souls released, but still the sky hangs heavily.
May God please bless the free.
(C) Livvi


My kids hands 

I did not write this poem. I came in a kit where you had the kids dip their hands in some paint and put it on this special paper.  My youngest was born after this and so we traced her baby hand and added it inside the frame under glass.  We later took it to the copy machine. Mom has the original. Here is the copy.


Extremes in weather for December 2014 and January 2015

In December we had several rounds of severe rain that caused flooding. Our drought was in the number four category all year.  Here is the December 9 map.

January 24, 2015
We did not get any snow this winter, so far anyway. January 23 and 24th we had extreme heat!  January 23 it was 82 and January 24 it was 91!!!!  I woke up from my nap and it said it was 77 in my bedroom, which later went to 79.

January 24, 2015 - AT 4:13 pm

Here is the photo from my smart phone from Weather Underground. This was taken at 4:13 pm. 

January 24, 2015 about  6 PM after they posted the high for the day.

It has the 91 high for the day and the day before as 82.8 on January 23, 2015.
Today it is expected to be back lower!
Full screen showing final of 91.4 yesterday!!!

That's good it will be cooler today back to our near normal of about mid 70's!