Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Crafts - Valentine's Day 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Embroidered Heart

Valentine's Day Card with Embroidered Heart

Valentine's Day Card 
I made more than 50 hearts that I embroidered. I added three hearts to each card.   I made 15 cards. I have extra hearts and will make other things with them.  People can add safety pins to the backs for broches.  I added beads and pearls and buttons to some of them.  The ones I had to mail could not have the embellishments. I was trying to make the envelope flat as possible.
The tutorial and more photos coming soon!

Next Holiday is St Patrick's Day

I will have a short tutorial on this blog about one small felt Shamrock you can make soon!

The Dreaded flu

Well like most people who are older or under 12 or disabled like me, you probably got the dreaded flu or some sort of Virus lately.

I knew I would get several types of the cold and virus going around. I finally got the flu with the cough and a slight elevated fever.

I am finally feeling better with the help of my Nebulizer.  Thanks to the generosity of my good friend Nancy in Nevada who sent me her spare Nebulizer last May.  One has to wait for the five years to be up before you can get one. You cannot even buy one online because they are a controlled item! Why?  Because some idiots decided to use the machines to mist their illegal DRUGS with them! So you cannot buy one without a Rx.  If you have an Rx and want to get one [ or even to replace a broken one like me] when you are on MediCare and state insurance, they will not let you get one!
I feel sad for those whose machines die for some reason and they need the machines more than I do! Ridiculous!!!

Thank goodness my 5 years is in a few months so I can get a new machine.

I needed my Nebulizer two times a day with the flu. I use it once a day for COPD maintenance.

OK I am done ranting...

Happy Valentine's Day!