Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesday February 4, 2015

Family Poems and Work in Progress

I have been working on adding the poems written my my family, friends and classic favorites this last month.  I finished friends and classics. Now I added my Aunt's Poems today.
It starts out with an introductory of my Aunts from my Mom's family - her 7 sisters.


The sisters with their parents in 1956

The last photo of all the sisters [except Mona] and the caregivers for two who are seated - 2009

 My Aunt Geri was made Poet Laureate of Sonoma County California in 2005 for a year.

She wrote a poem about each of her sisters and I have added those. I have added several poems that she has written over the years that were published in her books.

                                    Geri in 2005

Her sisters [my Aunts] Patricia and Nancy also write poems and regularly participate in the yearly readings.  Aunt Nancy is the proprietor of the Keane's Family Bar in San Francisco called the 3300 Club started in the 1950's by her husband. Aunt Nancy has regular readings from the family and friends as well.
Aunt Geri's two daughters write regularly and participate in the readings as well.  Later I will add some of their works.

Here is the link to my blog page here within this blog:
My Aunts and Cousins Poems


I am still working on my Mom's page as there is a lot of material to go though from her files she has written over the last 60 years!



Felt Valentines Hearts are cut out

                 Embroidery done

Next is the buttons added to the hearts as well as other bobbles sewn on. Some will just have a heart shaped back that is sewn on the "V" part to make a bookmark that you slip on the corner of the book.

So when they are all done I will be composing a new tutorial of how I made these hearts plus patterns links for embroidery and other ideas on how to make these cute Valentine's felt projects!