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My Poet Friends Poems for August 2015

Poems I love by my Friends

Update on poems from my Poet friends for August 2015.  I had intended on having a post once a month featuring poems from my friends, with the move and illness, I got behind. So here are the poems for the month of August 2015.
I started this Poem page on my blog. You can read all about each poet at this link.

From Marilyn I Lott
Marilyn Lott's Poems/Notes at this link.


While traveling all over the world
There’s so much that you can see
Across the expanse of ocean
So different traditionally.
The art work and the cultures
Are as diverse as night and day
Everyone casts a flavor
They all have something to say.
Food can be the same everywhere
But in such a different style
If only you can take the time
And stay for a little awhile.
We learn that people are much the same
Although in a different way
With hopes and dreams to yet fulfill 
And regrets of yesterday.
You can look into the faces
No matter where people are
And know what they’re feeling
Whether they live near or far.
So where ever you go in travel
Learn as much as you can
Cultures are so fascinating
As the generations span!
© Marilyn Lott


finding the solution

August 17, 2015 ©by poetlou

The wars rage on – the search for the solutions are all gone

Hunger, poverty, slavery, and hate

Seems to be humanity's fate.

There are three things that can save this world


If we honor GOD before it’s too late.

He is the salvation that we seek , if we become humble and meek.

How much does it take to bend your knee and to pray

To a higher power during these dark and lonely hours.

He gave us life and a mind to choose, and everything

We’ve done has led us to lose.

So let us follow what his son had said

And follow the path that the apostles had tread.

Let him be our guiding light, and lead us on the path that’s right.

© L . RAMS 08.16.2015
You can find all of Louis Rams poems at this link.
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From Cat's Poems [<-link] [Cathy Hodgson] 

Winding Trail

Lilac blossoms have faded
My heart dreams of fragrant blooms
Soon leaves leave mother behind
While fragment fly with northern wind
But a penny shines on the street
A beggar asks for food to eat
Prisons watch flying sports
And offer a bed to lie
Where is a dream to whisper?
Beyond in a meadow field
Yesterday played into tomorrow
And today isn’t finished yet

© cat



From Melvina Germain August 15, 2015
Her notes and poems at this link.

This is not a poem, but a note of great importance. 

Silent Killer (This is brief, there is so much more to talk about)

Some time ago, I wrote a piece on "The Silent Killer" and shared my views.  That was approximately 2006 or 2007.  Since then I've learned a lot more through experience and reading as well but seeing is believing.  A very beautiful lady whom I admired, she always looked so nice, well groomed, great personality, had an amazing relationship with her family. 

We had a lovely conversation one day and the next time I saw her she didn't know who I was.  As a mater of fact I didn't recognize her as her features had changed, she become old in a very short space of time.  I was in shock to say the least.  She apparently wasn't feeling well and took a fall, ended up in the hospital where she was diagnosed with a stroke.  Her brain was damaged and everything about this woman changed.  I found out later that this woman  had never had her Blood Pressure checked, well it's called, the silent killer.  You fall and that could be the end, what's the big deal, you go to the doctor for a physical.  If the doctor doesn't automatically check you, request it, a moment can save your life.

One of her children became her caregiver and had to make many changes in her life in order to care for her mother.  Now a young woman had to place her life on hold, I witnessed that and was so sad for her.  I know several who have suffered a stroke, a couple ended up in wheelchairs, two died, the one woman mentioned here still does not know any of her friends and a few are doing well.

Strokes effect both men and women but are you aware that women die from strokes more than men.  In 1973 there were 8,523 female deaths from stroke, compared to 7,702 male deaths, a 10% gap.  In 2004 in Canada there was a 45% difference.  

A couple of my friends have had blood clots and were treated for a time with a blood thinner, Coumadin, Warfarin, which are the same actually.  A blood clot blocks the blood flow to the brain known as "Ischemic", one type of stroke. A second type is called "Hemorrhagic" which many refer to as a brain hemorrhage and that is when a blood vessel bursts in the brain.

If we pay close attention to the risk factors below and think about ourselves realizing that awareness is key.  Perhaps we'll also realize that early diagnosis can not only save our lives but also save our families years of heartache and pain.  

Risk factors, now this first one strikes me hard and that is (HBP) High Blood Pressure and then comes smoking, diabetes and high cholesterol, these are some.  Here's the kicker for women, migraines are more common to women and doubles the risk of stroke and we women suffer in greater numbers than men.

You may have heard that some women during pregnancy will be diagnosed with High Blood Pressure or diabetes.  HBP increases the risk of stroke by about 60%.  The question may arise...if a pregnant woman has both diabetes and HBP, how much higher then is the risk of stroke.  Ladies talk to your doctor about all aspects.  Did you know that hormone replacement therapy which treats symptoms of menopause also increase the risk of stroke by approx. 40%. 

Are you aware that oral contraceptives slightly increase the risk of blood clots and stroke, with the addition of smoking that increases and if you also suffer from migraines, it increases again.  Still the question is why do more women die from stokes than men.   I don't know of any studies that have been conducted to give the answer to that.  If you have any information in that regard, please share here with us, much appreciated.

My conclusion...Keep stress at bay, learn everything there is to know about heart disease, exercise, stay hydrated, eat healthy, have your regular check-ups,  stay out of the dark, light up your world, try not to be isolated from people, laugh more, know that even you can get sick.  It' s your body and doctor's do not have a lot of time to spend with you...Be Aware of You...Melvina.....

Remember, early diagnosis is crucial...Melvina   
© Melvina Germain         


From Olivia "Livvi"  Kent
Livvi poems are posted at this link.

The young woman of summer dreams.
Dark glasses, a sun hat and bright stripey shorts.
Sits under the trees, with her offspring.
The three of them together.
They're watching the colourful boats as bobbing down the stream.
The race to the sea began.
No crew to guide them. 
No compass to follow, onwards they flow.
Riding little ripples.
Their hulls tickled by minnows
The children giggled as their creations flowed away.
They chuckled as they waved goodbye.
Far away from the 'hood, found something really good.
Enjoyed their day at play.
Maybe they'll make the sea, maybe they won't.
Daddy came to take them all home.
Mummy and daddy, children holding hands.
A united band, a family , cruelly missing in todays society.


From David Harris a poem written with Cat [Cathy Hodgson] 
David Harris Notes at this link.


Our Fragrant Roses (Written with Cathy Hodgson)

Our Fragrant Roses

Some roses don't grow on bushes, 
But grow within our heart 
Those are ones most fragrant
To cherish and never part 
Please God; nourish with your loving touch 
Softly let them flourish 
The ones we love so much
Each morning when it’s thirsty 
Kiss it with morning dew 
Ensure just like honey 
To mend a heart that blue
As the sun arises 
In the afternoon 
Kiss each bud with sunlight rays 
To assure an evening bloom
Ensure our fragrant roses never wither 
As each day passes through
Feed them when they are thirsty 
And nourish them with loving touches
When the cool breezes blow 
Make sure they feel the warmth 
Of love that grows and grows so in the evening 
When the moon rises they forever glow.

© David Harris and Cathy Hodgson