Friday, December 18, 2015

Snow in my Town 2015

Snow in my Town

Note: If you live in an area where you get snow by the foot per day or hour, this post will bore you as snow is probably not interesting to you. 

Chicago Blizzard February 2011

For those who do not live in the snow and or like to look at some boring snow photos, proceed!

As mentioned that before I live in Washington state in the east part.  I have lived in Western Washington for six years previously. We had snow some years. Some years more than others but never more than 2 feet in any given season that I was there. I was less than 100 feet in elevation in the three different houses that I lived at while living on the Olympic Peninsula.
So this is my first time in eastern Washington state as I mentioned before I moved here in July from California where I was living from 2011 to this year. I had lived in Utah for eight years so I enjoyed living in the snow area. I was in Salt Lake City so everything was plowed and kept up. I did not drive a car nor have I ever driven a car in snow. The only thing I drove in snow was a power wheelchair. I used a power wheelchair from 2002 until 2012.  Now I have a manual wheelchair.  But I do not push myself as my shoulders have injuries to both rotator cuff's. So my son-in-law pushes me when I need to use the wheelchair outdoors.  I enjoy looking at snow and taking pictures of it. I didn't mind traversing the snow when I had my power wheelchair and I did walk in the snow two winters before I needed the wheelchair.  I took the bus and train to college and work in Utah. We had some snow in the winter I was in Oklahoma and walk in it a little bit to the mailbox and from the car to the store but not very long distance.
So I am excited to live in snow country again and so I get a little excited about taking pictures and have been cataloging them since I moved here. So with no further ado here are some photos of the snow. I will be traveling to Western Washington for Christmas and so I will have photos of the snow in the mountains on the road to and from which I will post in my "Christmas vacation" blog post.

For the 2015 - 2015 Winter

frost October 28
Our first frost on the grassy medium in our cul-de-sac.

November 24
November 24 was our first snow that actually stuck and had more than a trace of snow.
Most of the views are from my bedroom window which faces the cul-de-sac. The main road is to the left of my bedroom window. The driveway into the garage is on the right.

nov 24 cropped

I like that photo so much I decided to make a "Christmas card" photo out of it for my Facebook page.

nov 24
my son in law car covered in snow.

nov 24

our front yard has grass and this one big tree.

nov 24

a few hours later and the temperature rose and the snow started melting.

nov 25

the next day November 25 there is some snow left which stayed around for a few more days until it rained again.

December 2

our next snow day December 2 we had about 2 inches of snow.

December 2
we still had a couple of pumpkins left that were that small decorative bookends as well as the decorative gourds. the large pumpkin was made into pumpkin pie.

December 2
view from my bedroom window.

December 16

 14 days later and view from my bedroom window. Again about 2 inches snow.

December 16  view of down the street the other end of the cul-de-sac

December 16
our front yard with the big tree. Since it was only a few inches of snow the snow plows did not come around.

December 16
view across the street.

December 16

this is the view from the living room window at the back of the house into our postage stamp sized backyard.

December 16

view of the main road with the beautiful snowy branches of the trees.

December 16

view from the side window to the tree on the other side of the fence. I love how the snow was clinging to the branches. Certain weather conditions allow this. As you will see a few days later when it snowed that did not happen.

December 16
close-up of that same tree.

then about noon the sun came out... making some spectacular photos.

sun on the snow December 16

snow still on the tree but melting fast.

December 16

close-up of the Evergreen tree behind the houses across the street.

December 16

Our little bushes and sidewalk in front of the house.

December 16

that big tree in the front yard has a red bird house. There was another birdhouse in that same tree that dislodge when we had epic windstorm a month ago.

December 16  I like this view so much I cropped the photo and post it on Facebook.

so then two days later....

on December 18  at  230 am I woke up and looked out the window and there was 4 inches of snow.

I couldn't wait until morning so I could get some more photos . I woke up at 230 because I heard the snow plow so I knew that we had a good amount of snow. because they won't allow us you have a good amount such as 4 to 6 inches

December 18 230 AM.

I waited until 7 AM and then I took more photos

December 18 the backyard with her built-in charcoal grill.

December 18 our backyard looking out to the main road.

December 18 The front yard looking out to the medium which was plowed

December 18

My son in law's car. If you look closely on the ground next to the card you will see little tiny footprints from the neighborhood cat. I've seen him or her walk around she is a long-haired black cat.

After 1000 AM on December 18

December 18 the tree next door and apartments across the street on the main road

December 18 and the cul-de-sac to the main road

December 18 close-up of the plowed snow

December 18 snow piled on the medium from the snowplow

December 18, View of the hills covered with snow to the south west.

So that's it for the beginning of the winter of 2015 -2016.  I will have more photos of the snow in other blog posts as the month continues.