Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Holly Leaves on Felt Mittens Tutorial

More Felt Projects

In my previous The Felt Mittens Tutorial page here at my blog you can see how I made the Mittens.  
Here is another Mitten design I made.  
For the Free Mitten pattern and the instructions click on the above link on how to make these cute Mittens. 

Included here is the pattern for the Holly leaves for these Mittens.

Print out this page for the Holly leaves 

Showing suggested placement of the Holly leaves on the Mittens. 

Cut out the pattern for the Holly leaves and place on felt.  Cut out the Holly shaped leaves. 

The basic idea from Pinterest shows a cute Mitten with Holly Leaves and a big red button for the Berries and a green button for decoration.

Finished Mitten with green Holly Leaves, small red buttons for the Berries, a red cuff for the Mitten and a green button for the cuff as decoration. 

The Holly Leaves look very dark, the felt is not that dark green. I had different size green and red buttons in various shades of Greens and Reds I got from WalMart. 


Next blog post will be the Snowmen!