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My Grandfather Benjamin Williams Mifflin 1894 - 1958


  My Grandfather Benjamin Williams Mifflin

This is a work in progress but I wanted to post it and as I find more information, I will add it.

My Grandpa Benjamin W Mifflin, was known as Ben by most people.
Grandpa was born 28 October 1894 in Malad, Oneida, Idaho.
Benjamin with his sister Ada and his dog

Grandpa Ben lived in Idaho until he went into the Navy when he was age 17. 

Here is what I found on his Navy history:
Benjamin Williams Mifflin  Military History:

1912 Sept 25 signed for 4 years in the US Navy 
Went to the Panama Canal to protect the canal.
1917 Orient - Olongapo Philippine Islands   USS Supply

Went to Russia saw rebellion, was on supply ships to bring food for people
1918  USS Lagoda 
                                   USS Lagoda Padlewheel Boat
1920 Re-enlisted Naval Aviation Rockaway, New York
1920 March went to Pensacola, Florida
1920 September 28 USS Sandpiper

                         USS Sandpiper 1920
End of the USS Sandpiper tail hook to tow the biplanes
1920 Dec 17 Naval Air Station Hampton Roads  
1921 July Aviation Chief Machinist Mate
1921 July married Ethel Mae Hopkins Kingwell in Virginia
Moved to San Diego, California area. Lived in San Pedro.
1924  USS Mississippi
                          USS Mississippi
1925 re-assigned to oversee repair of ships   USS Raleigh 
                                                USS Raleigh

Break from the Navy
Returned to the Navy 1937 in Hawaii left Hawaii before  December 7, 1941  USS Harding  

Other History:

Grandpa a postmaster in Smithfield, UT and drove a horse drawn wagon to deliver the mail in 1925 into the 1930's. 

This video of the horse drawn mail delivery wagon is awesome!

                                             Photo credit

Moved to San Francisco from Utah in 1936. 

My Mom's documents on her Father
 I remember Daddie having me sing Silent Night at Christmas for everyone that came over.  He played a small guitar and sang tenor.  He liked to sing Red River Valley and other cowboy songs.
Daddy sang:"Old Mother Wiggle Waggle jumped out of bed, out through the window stuck her old bald head", 
" Ride a black horse to Banbury Cross, to see the white lady get on a red horse rings on her fingers bells on her toes she shall have music whereever she goes."
He grew a full beard for the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1939.  The beard grew in all colors and the hair on his head was black.
Father could peel an apple with a knife in one long peel.

When we had dinner on Diamond Street in San Francisco we would hand Daddie our plates and he would serve us what we wanted.  We had to eat what we ask for.  
While having dinner Daddie would ask each one of us about our day.  We each had a turn to tell what we was important to us.  It was fun waiting to get my turn to speak.

Daddie repaired out shoes by putting new leather soles on them.  He had all  the tools to do this.  It seemed we wore out the soles in our shoes often.

Lots of photos:

Pedigree of Grandpa's ancestors

                   Benjamin as a toddler about 1895

His Parents and his brothers and sisters before the youngest boy was born

His brothers and sisters in 1920

Close up of Grandpa Benjamin age about 25

Benjamin's Dad and Mom Howell Henry and Lucretia Williams Mifflin

                                            Howell Henry Mifflin - Benjamin's Dad

                                               Lucretia Williams - Benjamin's Mother

                                    Undated probably in the 1920's

                                               Grandpa in 1939

Grandma and Grandpa with five of their girls in 1930-my Mom is the baby

                   Undated Grandma and Grandma dressed for a play

                                     1922 Ben with his first daughter Connie

In the 1920's Ben and Ethel

In the early 1930's - Ben and Ethel

Ben, Ethel and the 8 daughters about 1945

Six daughters and many grandchildren. Virginia and Mona were not there that day about 1958

about 1955 Ben and Ethel with Nancy and Laurie

Laurie's wedding 1956 - Ben, Laurie and cousins Rickey and Diane

All eight sisters with Ben and Ethel at Laurie's wedding 1956
Left to right Virginia, Geri, Mona, Joyce, Ethel, Connie, Laurie the bride, Patricia, Ben and Nancy

Ben and Ethel at Aunt Nancy's wedding 1957

In the mid 1950's - Ben and Ethel

in 1958 with Grandchildren Yvonne, Michelle and Rickey
Laurie graduation from HS with Ben in the 1950's

In the late 1950's my Grandpa used to drive us to Sunday School. I was age 5 through 7. 
Grandpa had a dish of white chalky mints in his bedroom with the green gel center. He would give us permission to have a mint when we came to visit him. 
Grandpa had a tool shed under the house where he worked on things. He built a 20 mule team hauling Borax. I don't remember much because I was so young when he passed away when I was 8 and a half.

Mom said:
He had a stroke in a cab on the way to the Hospital 1955. He had high blood pressure. He recovered and lived for another 2 years.  He was in the hospital for a bit then he passed away  25 July 1958 in San Francisco, San Francisco, California from several strokes. 

His gravemarker:

Benjamine Williams Mifflin [was spelled incorrectly on his grave marker]
Service Information: MACHINIST US NAVY 
Birth Date: 28 Oct 1894  - Death Date: 25 Jul 1958
Interment Date: 29 Jul 1958 Cemetery: Golden Gate National Cemetery 
ss# 558-09-5520
The last photo of all of his Daughters minus Mona who passed in 1980. Ethel passed away in 1979.

2009  Left Caregiver, Patricia, Laurie, Virginia, Nancy, Geri and Caregiver
Seated Left Joyce and right Connie.
Joyce passed away in 2010. Connie passed away in 2012.