Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Parents poems

New Poems today!

I added some poems today. First I added a new author Beck Fletcher. I also added more poems by my other favorite authors. Go to  My Favorite Modern Poets to see all the poems!


While I was looking for my own poems that should be on a disk so I would not have to key them in by hand I found my Mom's file!  Mom and surprise, My Dad even wrote some poems!!!
So I am adding a new page with Mom and Dad's Poems.

Here is one of my Dad's Poem

© Estate of John E Smith

In my room,
where I keep my things,
where I go
When I like to be alone.

I sit and think about my children,
I remember them
not as people but small children,
about the things
they did that made me sad
and sometimes glad.

I love them
whatever they do.
and I am very sad
when they do bad.
I love them as a Dad.

I think how happy they will be
when they are married
and have children of their own
and, how they will think of me,
when their children are bad
these are the things I think of
In my room.

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                            My other blog post is about my Grandpa Benjamin Williams Mifflin.