Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer will be here soon!

                                                        "S" is for Sherry - that's me!

June is here!

Well June has arrived!  It has been a very long winter and I have had every cold, flu and whatever-is-going-around illness you can think of!  Sick and tired of being tired and sick!  I am working on changing up my routine, my medications for pain and other things to help with this issue.  

I have reduced my prescription pain pills[Tramadol]. I was taking 8 a day when I started in 2010 to one or one and a half a day.  I have started Turmeric to see if that will help with inflammation issues.  I have increased calcium at night.  I still cannot sleep more than 2 hours without having to go to the restroom. I only can sleep 4 hours at a time. So I have a four hoep at night and a one to a two hour nap in the day.  I have tried to stay awake all day to see if I can eliminate the nap. I has been unsuccessful so far.
I think after I move and settle down this issue may resolve itself. I sure pray for that!

Still sorting and packing. One last visit to see my Mom before I go to Washington. So it's busy, busy! Summer is almost here!