Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Crafting projects take a break

Crafts on Hold

As I am preparing to move this summer to my Daughters place in Washington state, I have set aside crafting projects.

I have a lot to sort thought and decide what to bring, what to keep, and what to get rid of. I set aside a lot to give to the Hospice Store. The proceeds of their sales supports the local Hospice group.

My daughter that I live with now is helping me to do these things. They have a large storage locker that has a lot of things in it already from my late husbands estate. His house sold so they have even more things to get over there. They said there is plenty of room. My furniture will stay. The bed I am using is an antique my late husband got before we got married. So my son is going to use it when I move and he moves into my room. He was living at my late husband's house [his father.] So it looks like a big musical chairs event for me and my kids and grandkids. My daughter who I live with now will stay here and that is why my son will take my room here at this rental.

I have a ton of crafting supplies which I need to sort and label the boxes. My daughter here will send the boxes to me.
As mentioned the furniture will stay here as all of it was my daughters that I was using. So I will have to get a new bed when I move to Washington.
I like to get a new bed often anyway, especially when I move state to state. I move a lot. I lost track but it is somewhere in the 60's!

The time between moves grows less and less as I get older and older!

So off to work I go!