Saturday, July 18, 2015

My new rental!

Back in Washington State

My oldest daughter, her husband and her two teen daughters are my new housemates.   They rented a very nice three level home in the Spokane area.  They moved in 5 days before I arrived from their other rental here in this same town. They had been in this town for the last two years. They had previously lived in Minnesota for 7 years. Prior to that my son in law lived in Washington state most of his life. They have been married 20 years.

We have been looking for a house to rent together for the last 4 months. We were waiting for just the right thing plus the end of the school year.

The house features 2 bedrooms and a full bathroom upstairs for the two teen daughters.  The main floor has the usual Kitchen/Dining room and open living room. Then there is a full bath in the hallway leading to my very large bedroom with a large L shaped closet. 
My room is at the front of the house and features a bay window with three windows, 2 small and one large.  Very nice!
Then in the hall is stairs to upstairs and stairs to a full downstairs area.  Downstairs is a full bedroom, huge bathroom, and a family room.  My daughter and her husband use that downstairs area. 

Here are some photos:

 The front of the house showing my bay windows, to the right is the small front porch

        View from in my bedroom out the bay windows

                              I bought a new Queen size bed

             Dining room and living room from the Kitchen, gas fireplace

       Kitchen and Dining room. Large print on the laptop for me!

There is a back porch and a front porch!  There is a built in small cylinder shaped BBQ off the back porch area.  We will get a big flower pot and add some bulbs that will bloom over the course of several months for next spring. Then next Summer we will have potted tomatoes and some other veggies!!!

There is an attached two car garage you can see at the left side of the house.  The house is on a cul de sac with 7 other homes which all belong to a Home Owners Association.  There is a big box type mail box that has all the keyed boxes for each house on the road just outside and on the corner of the main road.  Packages delivered to the door!  This is convenient for us!  I order a lot from Amazon and online.

I could only bring 3 large suitcases with me as well as a backpack with my laptop and electronics this first flight in.  Each month my daughter in California will send me as needed items.  She is still at the rental that her and her boyfriend and I all rented together. My son will move in and rent one of the rooms in that 3 bedroom apartment.  

So adjusting to my new rental and will meet all the people in my Church group Sunday.

I have lived in Western Washington on the Peninsula for 6 and a half years.  I was in California for last 4 years after my years in Western Washington.  Yes, I get around!  

So on to my new adventure!