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JAQUO Magazine

One of the writers I met online, Jackie Jackson, started an online magazine called Jaquo.  All my Tutorials are at this link: Sherry's Tutorials

Here is the LINK to JAQUO.  

The online magazine has some 1600 articles as of August 2015.

very day. This magazine brings you daily articles to enhance  

"Something new every day. This magazine brings you daily articles to enhance your lifestyle and - we hope - give you a chuckle too.

See the products our writers recommend, read opinion and views, learn how to enhance your lifestyle and plenty more."  ~Jackie Jackson Owner of JAQUO
Here is a link of all the popular JAQUO articles:
The list of popular stories updates daily.

I have been accepted as contributor/author of articles, which I add more as often as I can. 

                               The Writers and me in JAQUO magazine: 

My Felt Dolls project

I made these two felt dolls in a doll house for my twin grand niece's. I have already shown all the photos at my blog here,  Jackie at JAQUO said she would love to have more crafting stories so I sent her the photos and pattern, She published it today in her JAQUO magazine online. You can see the story and the others above at this page:

Here is my story at JAQUO:

My plastic canvas Big Bat project

Pattern Book

I make my projects just a little different from the pattern. I don't like carbon copy, I want my projects to reflect my personality and diversity.  I always give credit to the original author and artist.
Here is my story at JAQUO:

Make a Haunted House Kleenex Box cover with Plastic Canvas and Yarn
This Haunted House decoration is also a Kleenex box holder. When you have the Kleenex tissue box in the house and pull up a tissue, it looks like smoke coming out of the house.

Link to the JAQUO page:

If the Shoe Fits … Bag the Matching Hat!
I adapted these patterns to fit the words above. I just did the hat by itself and shoe by itself. I added the sock to the shoe!

These are for my daughter “Silver” who loves Halloween!

Link to the JAQUO page:

Candy Corn Design Plastic Canvas Basket

A plastic canvas project that is easy to do and large enough for a child to do. The  pattern is for size 7 plastic canvas or 7 holes per inch. You could do the pattern in size 5 or 5 holes per inch for ease for a child or very low vision person or elderly adult.

Link to the Candy Corn Basket

 Halloween Tic Tac Toe

  From the Halloween Plastic Canvas patterns board I have at My Pinterest Account, I merged two pattern ideas to make this Halloween Tic Tac Toe.
I wanted to make the two game pieces different, rather than the whole kitty and the pumpkin, I wanted a kitty face and a plain pumpkin. link to Jaquo article

Despicable Me Minion: Free Patterns

I have made some Despicable Me Minions with plastic canvas and yarn and plan on making some more from the patterns and ideas that I have assembled here.
First are two Minions in plastic canvas. Then I have the pattern for a Minion doll. The pattern is really cute and can be made from felt or material – fleece would come out great! Jeans material could be used for the clothing.

Have fun which ever medium you choose for yourself or your children for Halloween or any time! I plan on making the Evil Minions in plastic canvas next.  link to Jaquo article

Cute Toy Cat

The pattern for this toy cat was found on Pinterest. The instructions are in Russian but understanding is quite simple. link to Jaquo article 

Yo Yo's Christmas Projects

What is a Yo Yo?
A Yo Yo is a cut out a circle of fabric that is gathered together around the edges with thread and pulled tight to make a tight circle.
Using Yo Yos for Holiday Decorations

I have seen Yo Yos since I was a little kid. I do recall that either I or one of my kids had one of the clowns made from the Yo Yos.
I have been saving Yo Yo ideas from Pinterest for a year. I have decided to make the Yo Yo projects for Christmas. Some of the Yo Yo projects have “Christmas Colors” and others have colors that my friends and family like. link to Jaquo article 

Grumpy Cat!

I loved Grumpy cat the moment I saw her for the first time on Facebook. I found many patterns and decided I had to make several projects with them! I made a pillow cover, a wall hanging and another smaller project which I will have a story on it soon. link to Jaquo article 

Handmade Grumpy Cat Wall Decoration: Free Tutorial and Pattern

“Grumpy Cat”

I wanted to make projects with my new size 7 Aida cloth for myself and Christmas gifts. I found dozens of patterns. I saw the “Grumpy Cat” a few years ago and I decided that if I found a pattern, I would make that for myself. So my first size 7 Aida cloth cross stitch project is this “Grumpy Cat.”
I ordered the size 7 Aida cloth when I found out it existed. I looked on Amazon as one cannot find size 7 Aida cloth at the craft stores. Most stores carry only size 11 through 28.
Most cross stitching and Needlepoint projects are done with size 14 Aida cloth or canvas. Aida cloth is also called Monk’s cloth.

link to Jaquo article 

Christmas Crafts – Easy Children’s crafts – age 5 and up – “Sakura” Felt Ornament and Button Snowmen – FREE Patterns

I made my own templates for the Sakura type ornaments
Using a CD for the larger circle, to make it bigger as they used two smaller circles. Bigger circles for little hands. For very small children just use the two larger circles of different colors.

For older kids use one of the smaller circles for the inside and one larger circle for the front and one larger circle for the back.  link to Jaquo article 

Dozens of Easy Felt Ornaments – FREE Patterns

Dozens and Dozens of Christmas ornaments. I work year round on my projects so that they will be done in plenty of time to ship to family and friends who live out of my state. I never know when I will not be well enough to work some days so I pace myself and give myself at least two or more months to finish projects before the holiday or birthday or whatever occasion the item will be for that person. link to Jaquo article 

Felt Basket and Cow Egg

I found these cute patterns online and I make my own adaptations for them.  Cute easy felt basket decorated with beads and pompoms and a felt chick. The Cow egg was a painted plastic egg with cardboard feet and braided pearl cotton thread for the tail.