Monday, July 27, 2015

Unbelievable!!! Fire at my apartment 11 days after I move

July 26, 2015
Fire burns 10 acres in and around my former apartment where my daughter still resides!

This is the view from one of the 4 main buildings where fire surrounded the entire complex.

The fire started about 4 in the afternoon. My daughter and her boyfriend just left to go grocery shopping. She heard all the fire trucks and then heard the fire was back at her apartment complex!
She called my son who drove over and got into the apartment and was getting ready the three cats you see in the photo above. 

He went outside and spoke with the firemen and they said he did not have to leave yet as the fire spread to below our building.  Then he was on standby to get out when they gave the word. Four hundred in the complex and neighboring houses were evacuated to a nearby WalMart where they were given aid by the Red Cross. 

The fire was reported in 3 to 4 other areas of the neighborhood spread out 10 acres as the fires were fanned by erratic high winds.

I have many friends in the areas that were in danger. Fortunately only two of the main buildings were scorched on the sides but are completely habitable.  Some out buildings on the property were damaged.  One mobile home was badly damaged I read. 

More photos some courtesy of

                         Building A which was down the hill from me where I was at building D
Fire retardant dropped
Parking lot at the complex
Apartments in the back and one of the helicopters that got water from the big lake by the apartments

Another view from the parking lot

Retardant dropped

Helicopter with the water from the lake 

Lake Couty news all about the fire:

Thankful for the firefighters who were diverted from other fires in Northern California in Mendocino county and Nevada county who had larger fires and came to help with our fire. 

I am sure if I was still living there, as I just moved out 11 days ago, that I would have had a severe asthma attack for sure which could have left me vulnerable to a heart attack. 

I would have need to be carried out from the third floor apartment we have as it is very hard for me to do stairs, that is why I moved. 

My daughter who still lives there had a bad night last night. I hope she recovers soon as she starts a new full time job next month.

Grateful, very grateful.