Friday, August 21, 2015

Crafts from FaceBook and Jaquo that I like this month - August 2015

Crafts, Fun and Music - from FaceBook and my Fellow writers at Jaquo that I like this month!

Each Month I am going to add links to some of my favorite blogs, stories, and crafts that I find on FaceBook, and the internet. I am featuring my fellow writers from The Writer's Door and Jacquo as well.

From: Link:
Confessions Of Crafty Witches

CD Mandalas: These look like an easy project for all ages, from child to experienced. 

I can't wait to make some of these for gifts!
Transform old or blank CDs into beautiful Mandalas
to hang into windows or from trees , Great kid craft project

Video Tutorial-->

Did you see how her cat was in the video??? Cute!

Text tutorial-->

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From Sharon Shelly at Facebook

Spray canning lids orange, tie together, insert some cinnamon sticks and instant pumpkin 
decoration that smells good, too!

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about Merry's Spinach cookbook.
 Book at Amazon The Spinach Collection: Easy Healthy Versatile      Delicious Kindle Edition   ASIN: B013MIF7VI  by Merry Citarella 

Merry Citarella [click on her name for her website] has written a great Spinach Cookbook. .
This cookbook is available at  I downloaded this cookbook and it has soe great recipes in it.  

Merry has stories at and this is her link below.

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How about these darling Spider Cupcakes 

by Cheryl Mikesell  Jaquo Writer Cheryl has these great stories with her favorite Country and Western Music at

So easy and cute for your Munchkins or anyone!

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Nancy's Pumpkin Pinwheel Cookies Recipe

Don't these look yummy??  Nancy is a prolific writer and blogger: Here is a link to many of her stories at Jaquo:  Nancy Hardin

Full recipe from Nancy here:  Pumpkin Pinwheel Cookies Recipe

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There are so many great writers and bloggers at here is the link to all of them: 

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Ruth Cox has a great blog about her dog Tidbit and her new dog Valentino.

Ruth Cox's dog Valentino

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From  Corrnina in Canada:

We find this great recipe for "Ice Cream" made from just Bananas and Coconut milk, added M&M's to look like Despicable Me Minions!

Full instructions and recipie at:

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Marsha Cooper has a great blog with a plethora of Craft ideas that she has been working on and has made

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Richard from the UK has everything you wanted to know and more about Music Facts and ongoing commentary about the songs that have peaked at Number 2 on the UK music chart since 1960...
Here is the link to his website:

Another Blog Seventied Music with videos and music you can hear that Richard has is here:
He has another blog, too:

My favorite from Harry Nilsson: "It was all change at the summit of the UK music chart this week in March 1972, as Harry Nilsson's debut British Top 20 hit, "Without You", climbed two places to Number 1"

Link to the Video of Harry Nilsson song "Without You"