Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Smoky Air - Unhealthy Alert for my area

Unhealthy Alert for my area - Smoky Air from fires

Since I have moved to the Spokane area of Washington state the middle of July we have had many days with unhealthy air.   We are all praying for the safety of the firefighters and volunteers to battle these blazes.  Alerts we can see from this link: 


Photo of the area of fires in the Pacific North West

 The red dots mean unhealthy air from the fires.  In Spokane where I now live it has been unhealthy for at least a week.  I wanted to go out shopping Friday, but it was too smokey.  I have COPD so this is a warning I cannot ignore.

My daughter says that the Spokane area is like a bowl and the smoke collects in this bowl from the funnel created by the surrounding hills and low mountains.

We are all praying for rain to help with these fires.  If you go to that link you can zoom in on the map areas and there are other links there that will show you a recent satellite map from space of the smoke.

The link above is for the Incident Information -- Northwest Large Fire Information Summary.
General Info Rutter Canyon 
Incident Name Rutter Canyon (WA)
Incident Number WA-NES-001115
Location 2 miles north of Spokane
Acres 155
Start Date 2015-08-11
Cause Under Investigation
Percent Contained 70
Estimated Containment Date 0000-00-00
Residences Threatened
One of the largest fires that has been going since June 29 is the Wenatchee fire:

General Info Wolverine 
Incident Name Wolverine (WA)
Incident Number WA-OWF-000287
Location 3 miles NW of Lucerne, WA
Acres 39,989
Start Date 2015-06-29
Cause Lightning
Percent Contained 30
Estimated Containment Date 0000-00-00
Residences Threatened 150 single residences; 1 destroyed
Other Structure Threatened 80 Mixed Commercial/Residential; 12 non-residential commercial properties; 60 minor structures
Fuel/Terrain Timber, brush
Lead Agency USDA Forest Service

There is a fire very close to us called the Rutter Canyon fire. Although it is not a large fire it is causing the smoke for us locally in Spokane.