Monday, August 3, 2015

Rocky Fire Beast explodes to 62,000 acres

August 3, 2015 Morning updates from CAL FIRE 
I will add more throughout the day as things are posted online.  So far my daughter and son's respective residences are not in the Mandatory evac sector. They are both still in the "Advisory" sector.  They are both very upset as many of the things from their father, my late husband, is not totally in fireproof protection.  For that matter probably no one has protection for everything. They did the best they could for photos, important documents and things that are irreplaceable. Many had very or no time to do anything to save these items.  One man had his farm truck loaded with his sheep and it got a flat and he had to evac immediately.  Praise the Lord the fire fighters got the flat fixed and the sheep were driven to safety. The same goes for the larger animals which people were told to leave and the fire fighters would evac them to the safe area for boarding.
I have been living near fires most of my life. This is the first time I have followed one so very closely via the internet.  In 2008 I was leaving that day to go to the Sacramento airport. There was the Waker fire north of Clearlake and so we could not take HWY 20 to Williams.  It was terribly smokey and I had to wear a filter mask on my face.  We drove 50 miles and it was still smokey.  We got diverted several times because of road closures.  I got to the airport 20 minutes before my flight left.  Because I was using a wheelchair they zoomed me through security.
Praise the Lord I moved from Clearlake July 15, 2015. I would for sure have had to go to the ER, then evac to some place out of the county. I am not sure where I could have gone locally.  My daughter who is in Clearlake is still having allergy and asthma from the smoke.  She says she thinks it is all the oak trees which she knows she gets asthma from them.   The three cats are agitated, especially the oldest Benny.  He really wants to get out of the house. He was an indoor/outdoor cat previously before we moved to this third floor apartment. Every summer he wants to get out.  This summer of course it is really bad.  Thank goodness the kids have three cat carriers.  So the kids are ready to go at a moments notice.  Where they have not determined yet. There are several options.  It is just so overwhelming to the kids they are having a hard time with it all. An estimated date of August 12, was suggested as 100% containment.  It finally went from 5% to 12 % in this mornings notice from CAL FIRE.  More updates during the day.

Announcement about the RED  CROSS HELP
The American Red Cross has two official open shelters for those in need. Locations are: Middletown High School, 20932 Big Canyon Road, Middletown and Kelseyville High School, 5480 Main Street Kelseyville. The Lake County EOC is advising residents who are in need of shelter, including those who are near the evacuation advisory area and the evacuees who are at the spontaneous shelter located in the Moose Lodge in Clearlake Oaks, to relocate to one of those sites. If you have mobility issues/functional needs, transportation can be provided by calling Lake County Social Services, Adult Services Office at 707-995-4680 until 5 pm. After hours phone number is: 888-221-2204.

 Update afternoon 540 pm Pacific new photo
You can see the growth at the upper left a whole new patch which caused the evac of the Spring Valley and area near the old Walker Hill fire of 2008.  

From the  Lake County Peace Officers Association         
Map perspective of just how big the Lake County Rocky fire really is... August 3, 2015 after 7:00 PM



Here is an excellent map with the fire breaks shown with the black "X's":
The link has the full map, which updates.  Here is a partial screen shot.


"Per CalFire, the ‪#‎RockyFire‬ is 12% contained. This is the first time the containment figure has exceeded 5% since the incident started. The fire crews are doing a fantastic job and we are sincerely grateful for their efforts!!"
Video from Alan Wang:

Last modified on Aug 03, 2015


Rocky Fire Incident Information:
Last Updated:August 3, 2015 8:00 am  
Date/Time Started:July 29, 2015 3:29 pm  
Administrative Unit:CAL FIRE Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit 
County:Lake, Yolo & Colusa Counties  
Location:near Morgan Valley Road and Rocky Creek Road, east of Lower Lake  
Acres Burned - Containment:60,000 acres - 12% contained  
Estimated - Containment:August 10, 2015  
Structures Threatened:6,301  
Structures Destroyed:24 residences and 26 outbuildings destroyed; 3 structures damaged.  
Evacuations:Mandatory: Jerusalem Valley area east of Soda Creek, Bonham Road, Quarter Horse Lane, Mustang Court, Bronco Court, Sunset Court, Morgan Valley east of Bonham Road, Canyon Road, June Bug Road, Cambell Ranch Road, Sloan Ranch Road, Sky High Ranch Road, Rocky Creek Road, Dam Road from the gate to the dam, Grizzly Canyon, Long Branch Drive, Lance Road, Cougar Road, Red Rocks, Meridian Road, Antelope Road, Mule Skinner Road, Flint Look Place, Moccasin Road, Roundball Road, Watertrough Road, Grigsby Canyon, Lucky Canyon, Remington Canyon, Walker Ridge, Walker Ridge Road, No Guns Road, Meriann Drive, Bear Valley Road from Highway 20 to Wilbur Springs Road, Wilbur Springs Road and Morgan Valley Road X Butte Creek Road, Ogulin County Road and Spring Valley, Paradise Canyon, New Long Valley Road, Old Long Valley Road, Salt Canyon, Indian Hill Road, Flaming Hills Lane, Benmore Canyon, Red Rock Road, Red Rock Court, Round Mountain Road North West of Highway 22, Fern Way, Juniper Way, Holly Way, Golden Red Way, Shasta Road, Cougar Road, Jeep Trail, Smith Lane, Pueblo Trail, Quail Trail, Ogulin Canyon Road, Meadow Creek Road, Cache Creek Road, Wolf Creek Road, Spring Valley Road, Riverview Road, Rocky Ridge, Chalk Mountain Road, Lakeview Campground, Cache Creek Winery, Noggle Winery, Elm Way, Dogwood, Cedar, Blue Berry, Acacia Way, Acacia Street, Doe Trail, Madrone Way, Peach Way, Quince Way, Redwood Way, Sequoia Way, Tamarack Way, Weeping Willow Way, Yucca Way, Coyote Way, Elk Way and Fox Way.
Advisory: All areas including east of Hwy 29 @ Raita Road east of Hwy 53 north to Hwy 20, Clear Lake area east of Highway 53 from Dam Road to Highway 20, Spruce Grove Road, Noble Ranch Road, Black Bass Pass, Jerusalem Valley area west of Soda Creek, Double Eagle Ranch, Homes along Hwy 20 corridor between New Long Valley Road and east of the county line, Spruce Grove Road to intersection of Jerusalem Grade, Lake Ridge, Highway 53 west to Sulphur Bank Road along Highway 20.
Evacuation Centers: Middletown High School, Kelseyville High School
Road Closures: Jerusalem Valley Road is closed to all traffic at Spruce Grove Road, Highway 20 corridor will be closed from New Long Valley Road to Highway 53, both directions of Ogulin County Road and Highway 16 is closed from Highway 20 to the Yolo County Line.
An animal evacuation center is opened at the Lower Lake Social Services parking lot, 15975 Anderson Ranch Parkway, Lower Lake.  
Cause:Under Investigation 
Cooperating Agencies:CAL FIRE, Kelseyville FPD, South Lake FPD, Northshore FPD, Lake County Sheriff, CHP, Lake Evacuation and Animal Protection (LEAP), Lake County Office of Emergency Services and North Bay Incident Management Team  
Total Fire Personnel:2,983  
Total Fire Engines:285  
Total Fire crews:72  
Total Airtankers:4  
Total Helicopters:19  
Total Dozers:57  
Total Water Tenders:40  
Conditions:Firefighters are working aggressively to build control lines and sustain perimeter control. The terrain is steep and rugged with limited access, fuels are at critical levels and there is little to no fire history in the area. In total, all evacuations impact over 13,118 citizens living in over 5,530 residences. Damage assessment teams continue to assess based on access through fire affected areas. Resources continue to respond from in and out of the state.  
Phone Numbers (707) 967-4207 (Rocky Fire Information Center )