Friday, November 13, 2015

November - Fall 2015

Pacific Northwest Living

I did not post a lot lately because I have been unwell.  Lots of Dr visits and going to have Physical Therapy starting in January.  

I am showing photos of products in this blog post. I do not sell anything from Amazon or have a sellers account.  

I do not mind boasting over products that work great for me. All of these products I have gotten through Amazon except the table and lamp, and of course the wheelchair. 

I needed a lot of things since I moved in July from California to Spokane.  I only had several suitcases, my CPAP and Nebulizer and my Wheelchair with me on the airplane.  So I needed to get all new items. 

I got myself a new 4 inch foam mattress topper for my new queen size bed which is helping my arthritis and bursitis greatly! 

                  Sunbeam 2013-912 Xpress Heat Microplush 
                           Heating Pad Extra Large (12" x 24")

 My heating pad that I have been using for 5 years quit so I got a new one. This new one can be put in the washing machine and has a connection just like an electric blanket.  It is of a great comfort to my back whilst I sit in my wheelchair. 

My new desk with my wheelchair and new fleece arm rests with pockets

 I am using my wheelchair for a chair at my desk because I do not have a desk chair yet.  My nice office chair wheels broke in California.  I need to get a new chair.  I got a 1 inch light foam cushions for my daughters Van when I go out and for the Kitchen chair. That helps too. I have a dense foam cushion for my wheelchair that I got in 2009 and that has been a great help to my tail bone and lower back.  


I got the fleece arm rests that have little pockets in them.  I put the pockets on the inside of the arm rests so they do not get jumbled up with the wheels.  

                 Head of the Bell and Howell floor lamp

I got the desk and a Bell and Howell floor lamp with the four prong florescent light bulb at the 2nd hand store.  I got a new bulb for the lamp for $6.00. 

My daughter in California has been sending me boxes each month with things I need that I could not bring with me on the airplane when I moved to Spokane in July.  I am not shipping any furniture, so I had to buy a new queen bed, etc. 

That has been a great help. Next box is my winter clothes and things I used to use in Salt Lake City for 6 years.  We will get snow in a few days. Not much but cold weather is here already. It was 20 last night! 

Thankfully I have received the box that has my Nikken Kenco ©  ceramic fiber quilt.  I love this quilt as it keeps me really warm. I am allergic to feathers so I was grateful when my parents bought me this heavy ceramic fiber quilt made by Nikken company invented in Japan. They also make high Gauss magnetic products. I have a pillow that is ergonomically shaped to hold your neck.  That sure helps my neck and the magnets help too. They ground you and that helps healing.  

I am going to make a new Duvet cover for this quilt.  I have already cut out the strips of fabric for a pretty pinks and purples quilt top in the Native American design. The back will have a print material of Rainbow colored kitties!  Photos soon!  I will be getting a sewing machine at the 2nd hand store for sewing now and then.


When I moved to Spokane I also bought a thermos that holds 1.5 liters. I also got an electric kettle to boil water. So every day I make two thermos  fulls of herb tea.   I love Peppermint, Chamomile, Bengal Spice by Celestial Seasonings, and Lemon Ginger.  I get the Lemon Ginger, Peppermint and Chamomile in the Stash Brand at Winco Store. 

The Ginger helps my stomach as well as the mint. I use the Chamomile when I make the 2nd thermos full for the evening.  The Bengal spice has cinnamon and ginger in it.

I use Almond milk that has coconut milk with it as I quit all dairy products earlier this year. That seems to help my pain. For some reason dairy seems to not be a good thing to use when you have pain from arthritis..  I had heard about this correlation 30 years ago.  Over the years I used dairy sparingly on and off.  I weaned off by using Soy products then switched to only almond milk.  I do not use cheese or any other dairy type products unless they are made with something that is not cow or soy.  I love the Almond milk that has some coconut milk with it. My daughter uses coconut milk only.  

Update from Lake County Fires this Summer

My daughter has two childhood friends who were affected by the California fires.  One who lives in Butte county near Jackson, was blessed as they were saved by the firefighters.   

The fire came up to her back door and wilted all her vegetable garden plants.  Her home and business of a storage locker facility were safe.  Thank you firefighters!  How scary!

The other childhood friend's husbands Father's home on Cobb Mountain was totally destroyed.  Thankfully he was not at home and did not have to stress fleeing. Unfortunately he lost everything.  This has happened to scores of people as outlined in my previous posts.

Yesterday I read this article about some survivors still having issues fining places to live. 
The article below outlines one of many families who's father lost his job as cook at the Hot Springs that was destroyed in Cobb area.  They are trying to save up money and find a place close so their daughter who is a Senior at Middletown High School can stay the remainder of her Senior year and graduate with her childhood friends. Her is the article below:

"Two months after fleeing the massive fire that destroyed their Middletown apartment along with more than 1,300 other homes and 76,067 acres of forest and wildlands, the Madrigal-Lopez family is still living in a travel trailer at the Hidden Valley Lake campground. "   
Mother, Father and children son age 11 and daughter age 17.

Photo: Alejandra Lopez, 17, and her mother eat dinner at the Hidden Valley Lake campground, Tuesday November 10, 2015 their second temporary home after the family home was destroyed by the Valley fire in Middletown. (Kent Porter / Press Democrat) 2015

That's it for this post and may you be warm and dry wherever you are living!