Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas is Coming!


Next to Easter, my favorite Holiday is Christmas.  I love the music - Christmas Carols, the twinkling lights, the foods, the family gatherings. Sharing love and friendship through gift giving and the Joy of the Savior's Birth. 

I am a Christian so I have always said "Merry Christmas".  I love to make greeting cards and if I cannot make a card, I always choose a greeting card that is Religious. 

I always have a manger scene in my Christmas Decorations.  I know that the Christmas tree dates back to other religious symbols and was combined to help new Christians to learn and remember Christ related symbols. 

If I cannot have a tree, like the few years I was living with my daughter and we had three cats, two of which were new kittens and trashed a lot of things.  

This year my first back in Washington, we have no pets. So we are going to go cut down a real live tree. Sad for the tree to give it's life, but we live in an area abundant with trees.

We will put up our lights and house decorations inside and outside.  

The first decorations that have gone up are some Gingerbread Houses my daughter made. She has completed two so far.

                  Sweet Shop and almost finished Toy Shop

These two finished and the mico mini gingerbread men on the mantle above our gas log fireplace!

I will add more photos as we decorate!

As you know I usually make over 200 craft gifts each year.  I had to stop crafting in April.  Between my vision loss and my arthritic hands it was becoming too hard for me to do my usual crafts.   I will miss that, but I will try again with the felt. That seemed to be easier to do.  
I also can still sew on the machine and will get a new sewing machine, just a basic model as I do not intend on doing too much fancy sewing as I used to do.  

I found the photo for the quilt I am going to make.  

My Mom's last quilt close up

Me left and Mom right holding up the quilt she finished in 2010

I love this pattern. Mom made hers with twin stars and the one I want to make is one star,  The pattern for one star is called "Trip Around the World."
Here are some photos of completed quilts using this pattern.

                  Trip Around the World

                Basic design for Trip Around the World pattern

I have already started this quilt 10 years ago!  I went to a class and got the pattern and started. I was unable to finish going to
the classes. 
I got the remaining pattern instructions from the teacher and tried to finish it at home.  I got to the point where the instructions became vague and so I stopped. 

I have now decided to finish the quilt.  I have a very nice comforter that needs a Duvet cover as the comforter cannot be washed. It has to be dry cleaned.  It is off white. I have a plain brown cover for it which my daughter gave to me.  I use that now and so I want to make a new one as the brown one is getting worn thin.  

So when I get my new sewing machine I can finish my duvet cover!  

We had our first snow. It was not much just 3 inches. A lot has melted over the last 8 days since then. But it has remained well under 32 degrees so a lot is still there.  
Rain is coming so it will melt. We will have some snow but again it will melt as it will get above 32 for the rain.  

Here are some snow photos

Have a great day!