Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sewing 2016

I got myself a new Brother© Sewing Machine!

Now I can finish my Duvet Cover and make some skirts for the summer.
I also am making sport pants for my Grandson who is short statured. His inseam is only 20 inches and he is 15 years old. He was born a Dwarf with Rothmund Thompson Syndrome.
Burgundy Velvet Swirl Material that is Upholstery material backed in white muslin.
I made drapes out of the Burgundy material for my daughter. The lace is rayon lace from China. 

I made drapes out of the same material in Purple for my Bay windows. 

                             Finished drapes!
Here are the Velvet Purple drapes in my bay windows.  Hard to see the black lace at the bottom.  My sewing machine on the left and my computer desk area on the right. I use the manual wheel chair as it is the only chair I have right now. 

Skirts I made for church
This is a pretty Baroque Paisley type synthetic material.  I had enough material for the skirt and two scarves, one for my Granddaughter who loved the material!
This leopard type animal print is very sheer voile material. I had enough for the skirt and a scarf as well. I like to have matching scarves for my skirts. 

The two skirts on my Daughters new couch. 

The Duvet Cover

When you cut all the strips and line them up to cut the small squares it makes a great pattern.
So when I actually bought the material back in 2003, I cut the first strip in 4 inches. I did not have the full instructions. It was 4 inches for the Baby quilt and I needed a Full or Queen size.  So instead of throwing out the squares, I just made this piece to use as a cover for my sewing machine.  
Strips below before cutting into the 4 1/2 inch pieces. Then you sew those stirps together to make the pattern as shown in the finished quit. 
So I recut the strips to make them 4 and 1/2 inches. It will yield a 4 inch square. 
Here is a photo of a finished twin size.  The center of my quilt will be the same. Then I will have boarders to make it larger.  
The Twin Quilt made by the church ladies for the lady on the right of the photo.
The back of my Duvet cover will be this kittens material!

The Granny Square Crocheted Vest 

I wanted to make a vest type open shawl type sweater with the Granny Square crochet pattern.  I wanted it open like a shawl. I saw a few ideas on Pinterest and made this shawl/vest out of the Granny Squares.  I got the varigated black/grey/white in cotton from my youngest daughter. There was not much of it so I could only make about 10 squares with that. So I used the grey I had as well as a lot of white and black to make this shawl/vest.
The back is the first photo.

The front is two pieces are connected by one black granny square at the top on either side. I realized afterwards I need to reverse the two sides as I need the top grey to be on the inside where it comes together in the front. I will easily take those two and reverse them. 
Close up of the shawl/vest.