Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer Flowers and Vegetables

Our Garden
Flowers and Vegetables

I have to give full credit to my daughter Suzanne and her husband for the Gardens. 
I only helped by paying for some of the bulbs, seeds and supplies.
We are getting some tiny tomatoes so far and we have had lots of lettuces for two months. They are going for the second planting of the lettuces.
One tiny golden tomato

Bachelor Buttons, Pansies and Lavender with Mint
Yes, I embroidered that Happy face about 15 years ago. I did not want it to say Have a 'nice' day as the saying went! 
Yellow Iris

From the front yard
I think that these are Gladiolas 
Two kinds of Lavendar and Purple Pansies
I don't know what the rest are, some are from seeds and some are the remains of bulbs and sone are plants she bought. 

Vegetable Garden
Left bush green beans, two smaller tomato plants, Several kinds of Peppers - green  bell as well as chili, some flowers
Herbs, middle, and some flowers, and Bachelor buttons on the right
Top left Basil, two kinds of spinach, Bottom is the Pumpkin which is actually planted in the ground.
Right is Broccoli, top summer crookneck squash, back in the shade is lettuce and swiss chard
Blueberry bush

Like I said she is the gardener.  I used to have gardens and house plants many moons ago. I appreciate all that they do to have our Veggie and flower gardens! 


Patchwork quilt Skirt
The white material that is embroidered.
I wanted to make some very thin material skirts for summer at home.
I went to the 2nd hand store and bought the white material with the embroidery and some red burgundy material that has Paisley crown print. 
I also got a zebra stripe skirt, a tiger print and giraffe print in two other skirts. I cut the material and sewed the strips. Then I made the layers as shown.
I will make the burgundy skirt with some of the white as well. I will add those photos later. There is one more black and white material from a skirt that I will also sew later.

I have put off the finishing of the duvet cover. Since it is summer I do not need that big heavy white quilt yet.

I am getting ready to go to California to visit my 86 year old Mom and my youngest daughter and my only son.
I will add photos as we will go to the beach, too!