Friday, September 9, 2016

Our Garden Update Sept 2016

Our Garden in Spokane Washington
My daughter Suzanne and her husband have a lot of experience with vegetable gardens and flowers. This year will be the first summer that they will have most of the vegetables in pots.  Our yield is less and the produce is smaller. But at least we have food growing!  Also included here is: our Peach canning with peaches from the local farm; My Grand daughters Birthdays - Ramona in July and Kat in August, Suzanne, George and Hannah's camping vacation in Tillamook, Oregon.


Yellow squash


Pumpkin in the ground

Green Bell Peppers


More tomatoes

The tomatoes are so good! 
one of the baby tomatoes

                                                  Our Roma Tomatoes and some of our Basil
The mum from last year is budding


Suzanne at work watering the garden

Chard in the pot and in back left is our blueberry bush


Flowers in pots where she had grown the gladiolas blubs

Two kinds of Lavender

Paint Plant

Canning Peaches
We bought some peaches and canned them!

Close up of the peach

                                                              From this farm
                                                         Looking yummy!
                                            I bought one box and my kids got two boxes
                                         We all have had experience canning = Sterilize jars = we got new jars
                        Scald in boiling water, slip off skins, cut up in halves or quarters. I wanted quarters
                                    Boil water in canning bath = Vitamin C sprinkles to the left
        We used this apple juice with water a 50% formula and the vitamin C sprinkles for our packing
We all took turns with the jobs, I removed the skins and pitted the peaches. Suzanne cut up the peaches as well as scalding them. The girls helped with pitting and removing the skins. George put the peaches in the jars. Suzanne prepared the jars and the lids. George put the jars in the water bath. Suzanne took them out.

I got 18 quarts with my box. I ate three fresh. They got 40 plus some they froze. They cut theirs in half. 

Birthdays for Granddaughters Ramona and Kat

Hydrangeas inside the house
Hydrangeas  outside for color variation = she loves them
Ramona with some of the gifts she got for her new smart phone from her BF 

Vegan Lasagna made by Ramona's BF -  we used that for her candles! LOL
Singing Happy 21st Birthday before she blew out the candles
for the Cherry pie with Vegan Gluten free crust - Suzanne whipped up the Garbanzo water into whipped topping -  taste just like whipped cream!!!!
Cherry pie with gluten free and Vegan crust
Nom Nom so good!  Also there was strawberry pie!  

Kat's Birthday

Kat is now age 19 
cupcakes from this cute Bakery 

Some of the flowers we grew by seed and some purchased
Bachelor Buttons and Mint Large Pansies 

I don't remember the name of the pink one

We love the Hydrangeas and got this Pink one for us


While I was in California - Suzanne, George and Hannah went to Tillimook Oregon for camping vacation

Suzanne and George at Tillamook, Oregon

George and Hannah looking at the Pacific Ocean from Tillamook, Oregon

Pacific Ocean from Tillamook, Oregon
On the way home from Oregon to Washington

Now there were a lot of fires in Washington and California as well as Oregon, Kansas and other places in the USA. I will have another blog post about that coming up!