Thursday, September 8, 2016

Flowers and Vacation July and August 2016

July 29 2016 Vacation Photos - Reunion - Flowers

These photos were taken in July.  An update of the garden for September 2016 is in the works. 
Paint plant

Vacation - Beach Reunion

I went to California for two weeks in July 2016, to visit my Daughter Melissa and her boyfriend Earl, the cats, my son Martin and my Mom. 
Melissa at the beach at MacKerricher State Park, Fort Bragg, Mendocino county, California
Whale bones display


Tristan left and right is Rain - my grandsons
Grandson Vincent and some of the flowers from the beach.

Beach entrance in Fort Bragg area of Northern California 

Our Group at the beach
Melissa and Earl

Sunset at the beach. It was foggy and overcast. It was actually nice because it was 110 degrees in Lower Lake California where I was staying. 
Late in the day
The Pacific Ocean
The Whales of Californa
Me left and right is my Daughter Justine

Me taking photos at the beach -  I have to take my glasses and sun glasses off to see the screen on my phone 
On the Way to the beach outside of Willits, Mendocino, California. 
We stopped in Willits to pick up my Grandson
Drive from Lower Lake to the beach north of Ft Bragg

It was a great visit with three of my kids and my three grandsons.  I live with my oldest daughter and she has three daughters, one who does not live with us, but lives a few blocks away so we see her often.
I went to see my Mom two times. It was a good visit. My daughter Justine went to visit her as she had not seen her in 10 years. Mom is now age 86 and lives in a care center for the last few years.

                                                         Mom and me the first day I flew into Petaluma area. 

Justine and my Mom
Me and my Mom on the 2nd visit.

Mom and Melissa
My Grandson Tristan with my Mom
Our Cats
It was awesome to see our cats also.  Now my son is living in the apartment where I used to live with Melissa and her BF Earl.  So Melissa and Earl moved out so they could go to college and my son takes care of the three cats for awhile.

                                              Batman and Robin just turned 4 years old.

                             12:26 AM  - Do you know where your cat is???  Batman wants to play!!!!

                                                      Did you want to sit here???
                                           Left is Benny age 8 and Batman and Robin age 4


I had a Reunion with Jan from Redwood High School at a Restaurant in Petaluma.

               It has been 48 years since High School Graduation!

                                                     Me and Melissa on Vacation July 2016

Then I was home and planning on my next trip to my old home in Sequim, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula.  I lived there 6 years.  Part of the time I lived with a friend for 5 months after I got out of the hospital in 2009 - 2010.  I moved back to California with Melissa in 2011.
I did not get a photo of me and Linda but I did get a few of Sequim.

First I stayed with my daughter Justine. We took photos of her produce. She is an awesome gardener just as my daughter Suzanne is.

                                                        Yellow and Zucchini squash
Heirloom tomatoes, chilis and tiny tomatoes 
Justine in her garden
The other part of her garden

Justine's flowers
Succulent plant
White begonias 

Me and my daughters

Me, Suzanne and Justine laughing
Same group Dec 2015

                                                             My son Martin

Martin my son. I did not get a photo of him with me, but here he is with his Star Wars Jedi Spirits Action figures.

Linda's Flowers

Linda's tomatoes
Her daughter grew this Morning Glory plant from seeds for her.

Linda's Carnation bouquet from her daughter. It was Linda's birthday the day I arrived.
Linda's daughter made a cake for her 

Sequim, Washington

     I always loved the fact they had these hanging baskets of flowers every year for about 6 months of the year in Sequim on the down town streets.
                       My son in law George as we dropped him off at the Olympic Mountain trails to hike for 4 days and nights. Here he is with his youngest daughter Hannah. She was there for the photo. He hiked alone.
flower from the trail
So pretty up on the Olympic Mountains!
View of the Olympics from Blyn on the way to Sequim

Sequim Sunset

Sequim Sunset
After George left there was a large fire on the Olympic Mountains. See red line for the smoke.
Sequim Olympic Game farm with so many animals. Here is a Bison and calf
Peacock from the Olympic Game Farm
Hannah with the goat from the Olympic game farm
The sun was on this side of the car. I was going to get out and take a photo of my old apartment, but the current resident came out so I did not get out of the car. back porch where I had my hanging flowers and flower pots. 
Handicapped unit where I used this ramp with my power wheelchair. 
Smoke all around the area of Sequim from the first day of the fire. View from Linda's mobile home park.

The 101 Diner in Sequim - Good food and vintage 1950's ambiance. 

On the way home to Spokane in the  Snoqualmie Pass Mountain Pass 

OK stay tuned for the Garden update for September 2016