Monday, January 1, 2018

Felt Cupcakes - Free Patterns and Tutorial

Felt Cupcakes

Six of my felt cupcakes 

Close up of the details of one of my Pink cupcakes

One of my Blue cupcakes

                              My Purple Cupcake 

I love Pinterest and I have over 60 Boards there that I have added hundreds of Pins to of Projects that I love or want to do or have done.  
I saw these cute felt cupcakes and when my middle granddaughter was having her 20th Birthday this year [2017] it was to be a cupcake theme. After the party I decided to see if there was some felt cupcakes I could make her for Christmas. 
Special cupcakes 
  Pretty in Pink Cupcake Birthday Party for my Granddaughter 

Three designs I found on Pinterest.  One of the reasons I make my tutorials is because sometimes the items on Pinterest are just photos and no instructions or they are something for sale at Etsy or a Flicker photo.

I always change up my designs as to not make an exact copy of what is online in case the item is copyrighted.  I do not copyright any of my designs. They are all FREE.  

The Three Pink Cupcakes I made for my Granddaughter 


You will need felt color of your choice.  Embroidery floss, Buttons and beads of your choice.  Polyfill, pins, needles, sharp scissors.  Paper for pattern. 
First Idea from Pinterest

            Second Idea from Pinterest
I love this one the best for the two top parts.

                            Third design from Pinterest

So from what I saw at Pinterest I hand drew my designs for my pattern.

I freehand drew the two parts and used a ruler for the base.
I decided to make them a bit larger than a cupcake that you would eat.  They are more like big Muffin size.

1.  Choose your felt colors.  Cut two of the middle part and only one of the top part.  Cut out two of the cupcake bottom.

2. Choose your buttons and other beads for the two top parts.

3. Choose your embroidery floss colors to match or contrast you color scheme for your cupcake.

My one Granddaughter loves the pink colors so I choose the Ombre design for her Pink cupcakes. 

Embroidery is next for the parts

Using two strands of floss for all the embroidery.

I started with the White top. I added the large button first so I had an orientation as to where I wanted that to be.
Next I added the crystal seed beads with the smallest needle I had. 

The middle layer

I pinned the white top layer over the top of one of the middle layers so that was oriented correctly so I knew where I could sew the buttons on.
I used two strands of floss for the buttons as well.

I sewed on the larger buttons first, then added the smaller buttons and filled in with the smaller beads.

Next attach the white top to the middle layer with the buttons at this point. I did a running stitch with two strands of floss. 

Next I made the vertical lines on one piece of the bottom layer.
Once that is done you can put all the parts together.

Using a running stitch around two sides of the cupcake bottom and sides sew the two bottom part together. I again used two strands of Floss. [See Illustration below.]

Lightly stuff both the middle and the bottom parts with Polyfil.

Next start your running stitch on the completed middle part.
Pin your middle part so it overlaps the bottom part of the cupcake so that the middle front and back cover the bottom. See back of cupcake photo below.

Start at the X A and go up and around to the top and slightly under the white part of the cupcake and down around to the X B part.

Once that is done you can finish between the B and back to the A area.

                    Back of cupcake showing stitching details

If you are going to use the cupcake as an ornament you can add a ribbon as shown here on the back side. I use the 1/8 size satin ribbon.  I use about 8 to 10 inches of ribbon.

Red Cupcakes

My youngest granddaughter loves red so she requested red cupcakes with a brown or "Chocolate" colored cupcake bottom.

Her Mom, my daughter, found this cute Corduroy type felt for the Chocolate cupcake bottom.
So I made two for her. 

This photo does make them look dark pink, however the felt is very dark red.  Note  that on the cupcake on the left has decorations in the shape of shells, circles, fish, and a butterfly. 
Here you can see how I use the tiny crystal seed beads on the top for the "sugar" they like to add on the real cupcakes. 

I had a lot of fun making these cupcakes.
I am going to make some 3 dimensional cupcakes next such as shown in this photo from Pinterest! 
Tutorial on that when I complete that project.

Her Blog with the pattern

I look forward to adding more of my Tutorial!
Let me know if you made any of my Tutorials and I will add your link to my blog if you wish!

Happy 2018!