Monday, March 26, 2018

Felt Easter Eggs and Bunnies for 2018

New Design for 2018

I had made these same felt Easter Eggs in 2013. I did not make enough of them for me to even keep one! So this year I set aside materials to make myself some.

The first set in 2013 were a bit smaller than this years Easter Eggs. The 2013 Eggs were stuffed with Poly fill and they were each Embroidered with Floss.

This year I did not embroider much on the Felt as I did in 2013.

I like the new design as well as the 2013 design. 

Additionally, I decided to see what the eggs looked like if I used my sewing machine to attach the Rick Rack and Ribbons.  
You will see an example of that below.

For those of you who have access to a sewing machine, it does go faster than hand sewing. I usually do most of my felt projects with hand sewing. 

With the sewing machine, I did not use embroidery floss. I used standard cotton thread.  I used the Zig Zag stitch and that looks cute!

So here are the photos of the Easter Eggs and Bunnies for 2018 and some from 2013 so you can see the difference. 

There is a link at the bottom of the page for my detailed Tutorial from my blog I made back in 2013. I originally posted the Tutorial 2014 at a Group Article/Blog Website.  I transferred the Tutorial to Jaquo Magazine in 2016.  Then I added it to my Blog this January.  

I used my Sewing machine Zig Zag stitch to attach the Rick Rack and Ribbons. I hand sewed the buttons and the two pieces of Felt with Embroidery floss.

Close up of the Zig Zag stitch with my sewing machine

The new Felt Bunnies for 2018 

Close up of one of the new Felt Bunnies

The three Easter Eggs on the left and on the right end is one of the Eggs from 2013 for my daughter Suzanne's Family

Size Comparison: The Easter Egg on the Left is from 2013 and the Egg on the Right is from 2018 

10 Easter Eggs I made in 2018

Close up of two of the Eggs for 2018

Pattern and four of the Easter Eggs cut out - That is NOT Black but very Dark Purple

From 2013

From 2013 Details of the Embroidery 

2013 More detail of the Embroidery 

2013 Easter Bunny with the flat white tail

My Blog Tutorial:


This is one of two patterns I used for the Felt Bunnies

Pattern for the Easter Eggs I made in 2018

You can see the details of the Tutorial and the 2nd Bunny that is like a Peep shaped Bunny.

This year I made about 40 Easter Eggs and 14 Bunnies.