Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas tree and decorations!

Christmas 2015!

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays as I already mentioned!
My daughter, her husband and her three daughters went to the Christmas tree farm, found a tree, and brought it home. There was no place for me to have my wheelchair the path was to uneven and it was really cold so I didn't go.

Here are some photos of the tree as they proceeded to add the star at the top, and the lights and then the decorations.  The tree is about 12 feet tall. It is by far the tallest tree I have ever had in any of my homes.

my daughter her husband and three daughters and the Christmas tree farm. That was the first tree they picked when the assistant loaded it he broke off the top by accident. So they had to choose the other tree.

My daughter on the left and her two daughters, son-in-law holds tree as my daughter adds the star after trimming the top branch

the tree out of the string wrapper and before it's unwrapped

close-up of the tree ornaments, Crystal from Ireland a Waterford Crystal 's snowflake

fully decorated tree

Christmas crafts 2015

As you know usually make well over 100 ornaments, as well as other handmade gifts each year. I had to take a break from crafting since April because of illnesses, moving to Washington from California, and arthritis in my back and hands.

So this year there will be no new handmade Christmas ornaments. I did start some Christmas gifts that I left behind in California which my daughter will be sending to me soon in the mail.

Next year I will be doing felt crafts as the plastic canvas has been becoming too difficult for me because of my legal blindness and arthritis in my hands.

A new friend in Washington gave me a Mary, Joseph and Jesus, with the animals done in plastic canvas. I am using them for decoration in my window. I bought some new Christmas lights red and white only and my daughter put them in the window. Here is a photo.

Joseph, Jesus and Mary with my two succulent plants

One of my succulent plants and Christmas lights

Early Christmas gift

A good friend of mine had heard and I was having trouble with arthritis in my hands and more vision issues. She sent me an early Christmas gift a computer program called Dragon Naturally Speaking or sometimes known as Dragon Dictate.

Dragon 11 instruction card

Amazon screenshot and close-up of Dragon naturally speaking

I have been practicing with the program and have been dictating the text for this blog with that program!  I have version 11 and it came with a headset,the kind with two plugs.  I am using my own headset with microphone  because it has a USB port connection for my laptop. Next year I'm going to get a new headset with microphone as this one is five years old, the foam has deteriorated on each earpiece and I want have a new one on hand when this one is no longer functional.

My paper white bulbs

We got the paper white bulbs about two months ago, and put it in the pot then it came with. Today the flowers started to open. We also bought other bulbs which we are planted. I need to get some more flowerpots for the remainder of the bulbs.


My daughter and son-in-law are each taking a seven day vacation from their jobs.  We are driving to Western Washington state with the three granddaughters and myself to visit my other daughter and her two sons. We staying with her for a few days and then my daughter that I currently live with and I and two granddaughters will go visit my best friend who lives on the peninsula. I'm really excited to go see my other daughter,  my grandsons and my best friend. I used to live with her when I got out of the hospital in 2009. I recovered at her home for six months and then got my own apartment again. I go visit her as often as they can. I didn't get to go last year or the year before, it was 2013 was the last time I get visit her. 

So we have a lot to do to get ready not only for Christmas here for Christmas with family and friends. 

Merry Christmas!

I started enjoying I Owl's about three years ago, I sent this pretty picture on interest and thought it was perfect.