Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas past – My craft tutorials – Quick and Easy

Links to my Christmas tutorials

Here are some tutorials from some of my Christmas projects that I have made over the years.

Following these first three tutorials that are using felt,and material,will be some of my favorite Christmas projects that I have made over the years. Some quick and easy, some were a little more difficult depending on your ability and expertise.

All the patterns are from Pinterest, or websites listed below, were adapted by me. 

Yo Yo's Christmas Projects

What is a Yo Yo?
A Yo Yo is a cut out a circle of fabric that is gathered together around the edges with thread and pulled tight to make a tight circle.

Using Yo Yos for Holiday Decorations

I have seen Yo Yo's since I was a little kid. I do recall that either I or one of my kids had one of the clowns made from the Yo Yo's.
I have been saving Yo Yo ideas from Pinterest for a year. I have decided to make the Yo Yo projects for Christmas. Some of the Yo Yo projects have “Christmas Colors” and others have colors that my friends and family like.

Yoyo pattern placement for a YoYo wreath. link to FULL tutorial at JAQUO magazine.

 Christmas Crafts – Easy Children’s crafts – age 5 and up – “Sakura” Felt Ornament and Button Snowmen – FREE Patterns

I made my own templates for the Sakura type ornaments
Using a CD for the larger circle, to make it bigger as they used two smaller circles. Bigger circles for little hands. For very small children just use the two larger circles of different colors.

For older kids use one of the smaller circles for the inside and one larger circle for the front and one larger circle for the back.  link to FULL tutorial at JAQUO magazine.

Dozens of Easy Felt Ornaments – FREE Patterns

Dozens and Dozens of Christmas ornaments. I work year round on my projects so that they will be done in plenty of time to ship to family and friends who live out of my state. I never know when I will not be well enough to work some days so I pace myself and give myself at least two or more months to finish projects before the holiday or birthday or whatever occasion the item will be for that person.

More patterns from this Nisse doll below.  link to FULL tutorial at JAQUO magazine.


Christmas past

Plastic Canvas Christmas Projects 

Here are some of the Plastic Canvas Mittens I made - four different designs,

Two different snowflake patterns

Page three of mittensPage two of mittens

Pattern for Mittens

more patterns for mittens

All of the mittens I made

up close 

Patterns came from Pinterest.  I have saved hundreds of plastic canvas patterns easy and difficult at my Pinterest account:
Everything you can imagine in the design has been made into a pattern for plastic canvas construction.

Tiny Christmas trees

Tiny Christmas trees  were made from the following pattern.
I used this pattern for the two tone trees. I will use the same pattern to make the two tone hearts next spring!

to make the colored lights on the tree and make those stitches first then added the dark green.  you can stitch me safety pin on the back to make this a nice jewelry piece for your coat or sweater. 

Small Wreaths with Holly leaves and Bows

All plastic canvas that I work on is size 7 or seven holes to the inch

These  Wreaths were made from the following patterns.

Bows and holly
Large wreath pattern

Very quick and easy to make. You use the yarn of the same color to attach the bows and Holly leaves to the wreaths. 

Wreath pattern with Bow and Mr. and Mrs. Santa

Four snow people screen

I have made three of these snow people screens from the following pattern.

This pattern comes from
All you need to do is give them your e-mail address. Then you can copy all the patterns you want for free. 

Photo from Free patterns

Page two of the Happy Snow couples

Two of the three different snow people screens I made.

Red Nose Pom Pom Reindeer

Red Nose Magnet

Link for this pattern.

photo of completed Reindeer face Christmas ornament.

Three dimensional more complicated reindeer pattern. I did not have a copy of this pattern with me. It was pretty difficult to make, two pieces of the reindeer body attached with a strip of plastic canvas attached from under the chin down under the body then up to the tail. it was hard to attach that piece.  

More mittens and simple candy cane

the mittens pattern is a small mitten

this pattern includes the mittens, the tiny tree, and a snowman.

Candy cane pattern for larger candy cane

completed candy canes patterns  from

Candy cane on simple basket

Easy basket made from a flat sheet of green plastic canvas attached is a cylinder with a circle at the bottom attached. The other designs were completed before the circle was added to the bottom. The other parts of the basket in these photos.

The handle was designed to look like little Christmas trees added after everything was completed.

Pattern basic for a basket use this as a guide for a basket and decorate with your stitches of your own design this one happens to be for Halloween. I used these measurements for basic small basket. A larger basket the size I made requires a full sheet of plastic canvas from the cylinder part of the basket. see below for photo instructions for the larger basket.

basic larger basket from  this one was from the kitchen section of the plastic canvas patterns.

A full sheet of plastic canvas is about 10 - 1/2 inches by 13 -1/2 inches.  Standard size canvas is size 7 which is seven holes per inch. The larger basket is 136 holes which equals about 9 inches in diameter. The pattern calls for a premade 9inch plastic canvas Circle.

Holly  leaves and Berry

Photo of me working on the Holly leaves.  I usually have to take off my glasses when I'm sewing stitches for all my craft projects. 

pattern for different holly leaves

I made this pattern to make each holly leaf look different.

Holly berries pattern idea I used, this one also as a soldier.

I had some variegated green and completed stitches in various spots, added more stitches in other colors green yard that I had to give this look to the holly leaves. I get the same for the Berry, as I used two or three different shades of red yard.

Simple stockings Pattern

stockings pages

Make one decorated plastic canvas stocking and one blank from the pattern below

the long strip is to connect to stockings together.

My completed projects

I liked the idea of the pattern, but wanted something slightly different. I wanted the reindeer, candle, the word capital NOEL.  Also I didn't make them as holders as pur instructions.  I just wanted ornaments.

all six ornaments.

Christmas train ornament

My best friend's husband was addicted to trains.over the years I have made him and he trains. Sadly Thomas the passed away in April 2015. I made these trains for him for Christmas do this and 2015 so he didn't get to enjoy themfor one Christmas.

I made them slightly different than the pattern I also made the  slightly different train engineer.   I used buttons the wheels. More patterns below.

some patterns

Engine                                               boxcar

Caboose                                           Coal car

more patterns

Easy felt snowmen

Using red,green and white felt and simple small buttons, black and red embroidery floss for the arms knows and eyes.

I embroidered on each of the edges. 

from Pinterest I get the idea.

My projects with tiny white ric - rack, without the arms

                                                                                      close up.

Very simple Tomte or Nisse Dolls

The photo is not as good as I would like it to be. I only made four of these dolls.  The legs were a bit hard to stuff bit the rest was pretty simple. Here are the patterns.  Embroider the faces first before sewing the faces to the hat and body.

The pages from this book are large like 7 X 9 inches. 

Pattern from the Book Scandinavian Stitches: 21 Playful Projects with Seasonal Flair Paperback – November 16, 2010  by Kajsa Wikman

Potpourri filled boxes

You will find a lot of fun patterns for plastic canvas at this website.
Pattern for potpourri boxes here

Easy  and quick idea, works up fast because you do not work all of the plastic canvas.

Using plastic canvas in red, green and white or clear I cut squares of plastic canvas. I saw these box designs for Potpourii Christmas ornaments and I wanted to do something different with them. The pattern does have you fill the boxes with Potpourii, but you sew them closed. I made it so you could open the box and I placed mint that I grew in my garden in a bag I sewed of white organza material. Then when the fragrance is all diffused you can fill the bag again with something else. They came out really cute!