Friday, August 14, 2015

Day 17 of the Rocky Fire and Day 6 of the Jerusalem Fire

Updates for The Rocky Fire and the Jerusalem Fires in Lake County August 14, 2015

Cal Fire is reporting that the ‪#‎JerusalemFire‬ has grown to 24,555 acres with 52-percent containment, while the ‪#‎RockyFire‬ remains at 69,438 acres and 95-percent containment.

Story and Map Here  from Lake County Newspaper

I have been devoting my time of late to fixing my laptop. I still have some issues with some pages but I added 5 different ad blockers and Malware checkers. I still did not get rid of the DNS Uploader!  

I am very unhappy with it. I may have to reboot my laptop and wipe the hard 
That will be hard to do. My photos and files I am sure are infected. 
So we shall see what I can do.

In the mean time I have added a total of 20 stories of family recipies and my crafts to the magazine. 

The link for all my stories is at 
Sherry Atbuterfly at Jaquo

                  IoBlue's Pesto Artichoke  Lasagna!