Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Malware attacked my computer!

Stars and Stripes!

I was doing three things new yesterday and one of them had a malware attached to it.  So it is going to be quite a chore to get rid of this DNS UpLoader program OFF MY COMPUTER!  It takes your words and makes a link of them which pop ups ads that you do not want to see.
The first thing I did was find some Pinterest Patterns for my granddaughter who wanted to have a patern of a bunny to learn to sew.  She selected one and I went to the website and  clicked on the link to download the pattern.  Usually Pinterest has pins reported that are containing something that leads to spam and malware. Well this one was not marked.  I tried to go back in and mark it as spam but could not find how to do that.

The second thing I did was set up a PayPal account which should have been safe.
After I set that up I made a payment set up for a subscription to a reputable site.
So I am thinking it was the firs because that is when I started to get warning messages from Avast.

So I found one of the ads which now appear all over my computer and my blog.


I will be working on that to rid my computer of it.  I will not be doing any updates or links because the posts are all inclusive of these MALWARE ADS!  ARGGH! :(